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You helped give a brighter future to people in need!

Published: September 3, 2019

Project Report


Thank you for generously providing a better tomorrow for people in need today. Because you chose to give where needed most, you rescued people from absolute poverty by providing essentials like food, medical care, and education. And even more importantly, you helped share the eternal hope of the Gospel.

You have truly been a rescuer and have made a difference that will outlive you and last for eternity. Here are just a couple of examples of your impact around the globe.

Rune thought she was all alone … then you stepped in

“I have been lonely for a very long time,” Rune said. Estranged from her own family, Rune had hoped that marrying would bring her some happiness. However, her husband refused to work and wasted what little money they had on alcohol.

Desperate and with nowhere else to turn, Rune was forced into Thailand’s sex industry to make ends meet. We’ve changed Rune’s name to keep her identity safe.

Rune saw no way out … but because of your generosity, she and other young women like her now have a second chance at life.

Today Rune lives at a Freedom Home where she can pursue an education and a different life. But, not only that, she’s found a family who loves and supports her.

Thai women like Rune often resort to working
in the sex industry because they are poor
and uneducated. However, thanks to you,
the Freedom Home offers them a better
life, a bright future, and an opportunity to
experience the love of Jesus Christ.


“I feel love here,” Rune said. “I also have begun to dream again — especially about attending university. I want to help with women’s issues here in Thailand through counseling or law after I graduate.”

Because of you, Rune is an entirely different person now. She’s not just fighting to survive. She has goals and dreams and plans. You made that possible.

 You helped children draw closer to God through VBS

Your giving played a role in helping send thousands of children from slum communities to Vacation Bible School. For many of these kids, it was the first time they had ever heard about Jesus.

Rohan was one of the older boys at VBS, but he enjoyed it just as much as the younger children. “I learned new stories and songs,” he said. “Through the lessons, I learned how to live my life. I love the personal counseling, and through them I have learned to deal with many problems.”

Your support of Vacation Bible School for
impoverished children helped feed them
spiritually and physically. In addition to
learning about Jesus, the kids also received
food each day of the program.


One of the girls at VBS named Muskan said her favorite part was singing Christian songs together as a group and learning hand motions to go along with the songs. “VBS helps me to draw closer to God,” she said. “It is a time of spiritual nourishment for me.”

In addition to learning about Jesus, the children received food each day of VBS as well as a Bible workbook to take home and share with family and friends.

Your giving played a powerful role in planting seeds of faith in these young children’s hearts and teaching them about God so they could share the Good News with those around them.

Thanks, again, for your gift. Because of you, people around the world now have the help and hope they desperately needed.

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