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Kelly’s House Project Report

Published: September 5, 2017

Project Update


Thank you for your investment in Kelly’s House in Guatemala. Your involvement in making this home a reality is continuing to make an eternal difference.

Children with special needs in Guatemala are regularly neglected and abandoned simply because their families can’t afford specialized medical care. That’s why the ministry of Kelly’s House is so vital. In fact, because of the sheer need, the staff quickly ran out of space to house and treat the growing number of children coming to Kelly’s House for help.

However, the expansion of this home is now complete! Now, more children than ever before will have the chance to receive the individualized care they need. With five new bedrooms, three new bathrooms, and a new therapy room, Kelly’s House can now provide specialized, 24-hour care to 40 more children.

Watch the video and read the stories below to see the incredible impact you have made in Guatemala by supporting Kelly’s House.

Zulma’s story

Zulma was just one month old when her mother abandoned her at an orphanage known for its poor treatment of children. She lived under these difficult conditions for 13 years until a tragic fire consumed the orphanage, killing 45 girls. By God’s grace, Zulma was rescued from the fire and brought to Kelly’s House where the staff discovered she had been suffering from untreated vision problems and developmental disabilities for years. She was aggressive and didn’t trust adults because of all she had been through.

But thanks to the love and care she has received at Kelly’s House, Zulma now has a chance at a new life. Through extensive therapy and much patience, she has become a confident and loving girl who is able to articulate her thoughts and feelings through words. She has hope and joy for the days to come.

Marco’s story

Marco suffers from partial paralysis as well as severe mental disabilities. His mother, unable to care for him, sold him to strangers when he was just a baby. Eventually, he was taken to the same orphanage as Zulma and was also among the children who were rescued and brought to Kelly’s House after the devastating fire. Marco expressed a similar mistrust of his caretakers because of how he was treated at the orphanage. He was shy and refused to sit in his wheelchair.

After several months of treatment, however, Marco is a completely different child. He receives physical and speech therapy every day, and he is now able to communicate using gestures. He has become a happy young boy who enjoys sitting in his wheelchair and playing with friends. The transformation is truly remarkable!

Thank you for providing a hope and a future for Zulma, Marco, and many other children just like them. Your prayers and support are making an eternal impact on the children of Guatemala.

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