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Community Development project report | Spring 2017

Published: June 1, 2017

Project Update

Nepal and Guatemala

Individuals and families around the world struggle each day to survive without basics such as adequate housing, medical centers, and church buildings where they can fellowship. But when these needs are met in communities, people are able to do more than just survive — they thrive!

Your contributions toward community development are allowing people to become more self-sufficient and achieve lasting success. And more importantly, you’re pointing them toward the love of Christ.


Deep in the mountains and forests of Nepal, there is a tiny village called Chyorang. The area is so remote that it remains unreached by most of the outside world. But one thing has reached the people of Chyorang: the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Ever since Pastor Shakti began serving this community of over 350 people, he has seen amazing revival take place. Many of the people have come to know Jesus and are fervently witnessing. But until recently they were still missing one thing — a church.

But then, you stepped in. Your support allowed Pastor Shakti and his congregation to have a place to meet and learn more about Jesus.

Your gift shows the believers in Chyorang that their brothers and sisters around the world care about them. The building you provided also allows the church to reach out more effectively to the surrounding villages. By providing this community with a church, you have demonstrated the love of their Savior.


For many years, Efrian and Felicita Lopez didn’t have a safe place for their family to call home. Their only shelter was a tiny shack with sticks for walls and a flimsy tin roof. During harsh Guatemalan thunderstorms, their house offered little protection against the wind and rain, and it couldn’t keep them warm when the weather turned cold.

Without a secure home, the Lopez children were more prone to illness, and the whole family was vulnerable to theft. Efrian and Felicita worked hard, but they simply couldn’t afford a better home for their children.

Then, your generosity changed everything.

You allowed the Lopez family to receive a new home. Now, they have solid walls, a roof, a floor, and a door that locks. The home you provided is keeping them healthy and safe … and they are proud of where they live.

Efrian and Felicita are incredibly thankful for the gift you gave their family. “I am very excited to see my happy children playing around the house,” Efrian said. “I am grateful to God first and then to the goodhearted people who made our dream come true.”


Your gifts toward community development are changing villages, towns, and neighborhoods around the world — you’re making an incredible impact! Thank you for your tremendous generosity and love for people in need around the world.

To continue making a difference for people like the Lopez family and the community of Chyorang, please give again today.

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