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Lithuania Children’s Programs – Christmas 2013

Christmas 2013 was a memorable time for the children and staff at our sponsorship program in Lithuania.

Published: March 13, 2014

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In the small town of Ylakiai, they enjoyed a time of fellowship together, building relationships, enjoying a delicious meal, and participating in games.

The children were ecstatic to have this special time . . . but most important, they were eager to listen to the Christmas story and hear more about God’s love. Hearts were touched by the story of Christ, and our partners strategically planned a Christmas celebration where they had the opportunity to teach more about God’s love and read various Bible stories.

Through your support, our international partners hosted an event called “Winter Christian Camp.” The children were able to attend this camp, free of charge, where they participated in both indoor and outdoor activities. The girls particularly enjoyed braving the cold weather to bundle up by a bonfire and roast marshmallows. For the boys, the highlight of the evening was being able to test out the Nintendo Wii machine. It was a rare occasion for these children to enjoy such extravagant activities, which made it an incredible Christmas surprise.

Additionally, our partner, Robertas purchased a one-year subscription to a popular Christian magazine, “A Little Evening Star.” He says that “each magazine has a unique theme that contains stories, poems, and art sent in by children,” and that it clearly and practically presents the message of the Gospel. Not only did the children receive a copy of the magazine, but also a CD compilation of popular children’s Christian songs. The children were extremely excited about the music! These magazines and songs will be a consistent reminder of God’s love to the children and will give them the chance to grow in their faith and understanding of the Bible.

Thank you for the incredible Christmas celebration you helped provide for your sponsored children in Lithuania. The children are so appreciative for the love and support you give them. You have truly made this holiday event one they will never forget!

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