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Child Sponsorship Programs India – Christmas 2013

Christmas 2013 was a memorable time for the children and staff in our sponsorship programs in India.

Published: March 13, 2014

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One of our international partners organized a special Christmas program for the children that consisted of reading Bible stories, singing songs, and various activities.

The children were specifically eager to indulge in the festive meal our partners provided for them. They filled their stomachs with delicious foods and treats, all the while enjoying each other’s company and making new friends. They were so grateful to have this special time together.

Their Christmas party also consisted of a few of the children’s favorite outdoor games. Some even spent time blowing up colorful balloons and bouncing them around with one another. They had a great time laughing and playing together.

While they enjoyed their time of games and tasty foods, our partners were committed to keeping the true meaning of Christmas at the center of their celebrations. They hosted a service for all the children, families, and neighbors in a special worship hall . . . and even invited special musical guests to play guitar and lead the crowd in praise songs. The children clapped and sang along, and it was truly a time of reflection and worship for these children and guests. Many hearts were changed because of this celebration.

Before the night ended, our partners distributed gifts to each boy and girl—for some it was the first time they had ever received one! They excitedly tore into the packages to find items such as lip-balm, small toys, and even their very own blanket to keep them warm during the cold, winter months. Smiles remained on their faces and joy filled their hearts as they were tangibly shown the love of Christ.

Thank you for the incredible Christmas celebration you helped provide for your sponsored children in India. The children thoroughly enjoyed a time of various Christmas festivities and hearing more about the love of Jesus Christ. Your children are so appreciative of the love and support you give them. You have truly made this holiday event one they will never forget!

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