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Nepal children’s home program report

Program Update

Published: November 6, 2018

Children's Program Update


Thank you for choosing to sponsor a child in Nepal. Your continuous gift has changed a child’s future forever.

We want to let you know what your sponsored child and other kids in his program have been up to this year … all because of your compassionate giving.


This past April, the children began a new school term. In addition to attending classes, they also had the chance to participate in extracurricular activities such as swimming, singing, quiz bowl, and dancing. The kids studied hard to prepare for their exams, and by the end of the first term, they had each made significant progress in their education.

Between terms, the children were treated to a two-week holiday. Some of the kids were able to visit their parents, which is always a special time. After the break, the students got back to their studies. They recently completed their final exams for the second term. We are so proud of the children and all of their hard work.


The children were very excited to visit an aviation museum in Kathmandu this year. The museum is located inside a retired commercial aircraft, and the kids enjoyed learning about the cockpit and how the plane was operated. They saw model airplanes, got to climb inside a real helicopter, and learned about the history of Nepalese aviation. Some of the older children even got the chance to try on a pilot’s uniform!

After leaving the museum, everyone shared a special meal at a local restaurant. The kids all agreed the food was delicious and the trip was a refreshing break from their normal routine.

Thank you

Your gift of sponsorship has been life changing!

Every month, your gift boosts the health and happiness of your sponsored child. And, for that, we cannot thank you enough! You can give an additional gift today to provide extra help for your sponsored child and other kids in the program by visiting

Thank you for investing in the life of a child.

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