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Humanitarian Aid project report

Project Report

Published: September 26, 2018

Project Report

Guatemala and Cuba Guatemala and Cuba

Thank you for providing lifesaving supplies to people in critical situations. Because of your gifts, numerous families no longer have to suffer without healthy food, vital medical care, or other necessities.

You met urgent physical needs, but you also helped show someone the love of God. You’ve truly been the hands and feet of Jesus to people all around the world, making an eternal impact.

Karina’s story: Cuba

When Karina heard about a shipment of mattresses you helped provide, her eyes welled with tears. Our partner was confused when she left and then returned with a stack of index cards.

Each card included a prayer request from a member of the church Karina and her husband had planted. The believers would come by in the mornings on their way to work and pray for the items on the cards.

Karina searched through the stack and pulled out one card in her own handwriting. “New mattress,” it said. Karina and her entire church family had been praying for her to receive a new mattress … and you helped answer that prayer.

In fact, Karina had first written down her prayer request six months ago — the same time a shipping container full of mattresses left World Help’s headquarters in Virginia!

Karina and her husband had been sleeping on an old, worn mattress since they couldn’t afford a new one. They woke up with stiff, sore backs every morning. But now they wake up well rested and without pain … all because of your kindness.

Marta’s story: Guatemala

Marta and her husband felt powerless. No matter how hard they worked, they struggled to make ends meet and feed their children.

Marta’s husband found a job in the fields, but it paid very little for the countless hours he spent sweating in the hot sun as he planted, weeded, cultivated, and harvested. At the end of the day, there often wasn’t food on the family’s table. Marta hated watching her children go to bed hungry.

Then, you helped provide food that changed everything for her family.

“We thank God and all of you for making it possible for us to have food in our home and have more strength to move forward,” Marta said.

Now, Marta and her husband love to watch as their children sit down to enjoy a delicious, healthy meal. The smiles on the kids’ faces warm their hearts, and they are overwhelmed with gratitude for the gift you have provided.

You didn’t simply give food … you provided hope for a family’s future.

Thank you, again, for rescuing people in need by providing critical aid. You have saved lives with your compassionate generosity.

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