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Refugee Relief project report | Spring 2017

Published: May 5, 2017

Project Update

Iraq and Syria

Right now, refugees are benefitting from food, warm blankets, medical supplies, and clean water that you provided. Even more importantly, you opened the door for them to learn about the Gospel when they were struggling to hold on to any kind of eternal hope.

On behalf of every refugee you touched through your generosity — thank you.


Before arriving in a refugee camp, Kasim lived in Mosul with his family. We’ve changed his name to protect his identity. The conditions were horrendous … there was little food and virtually no clean water.

“It was like living in one big jail. It was like a jail,” he kept repeating as he told his story.

When ISIS began targeting his family and their neighbors, Kasim knew it was time to flee — despite the risks.

After their harrowing escape from Mosul, Kasim’s family finally arrived in a refugee camp, where they received food, warm blankets, clean water, and hygiene kits that you helped provide.

Kasim was thrilled to receive these items. “I am going to go into my tent with a smile because I am loaded with food and can share it with my family,” he said. “I am so grateful to you for providing this aid.”


Amira is a widow who lives with her family in a refugee camp. Her name has been changed for security. Before the family escaped the city, Amira’s son supported the family by working a low-paying labor job. Then one evening, he didn’t come home.

After three days, ISIS showed up on her doorstep and returned her son — beaten, bruised, and with a seriously injured leg. ISIS demanded that the family pay a ransom before they would release him. But Amira had no money … the family barely survived on her son’s income. When ISIS realized they couldn’t pay, they took Amira’s son by force, and she hasn’t heard any news of him since.

Without her son, Amira had no one to provide for her family’s needs … no way to get food … until you showed up.

“I feel some relief because you brought this food to me and my family,” she said. “I will never forget everyone who gave this help that I am receiving.”

Your gift of food, clean water, and hygiene items saved Amira’s family. She doesn’t have to worry anymore about how she will feed her children.


Thank you for seeing a refugee caught in the middle of violence, war, terror, and uncertainty and choosing to act. Your compassion in the form of practical aid ensured that refugees have what they need to survive.

Please consider giving again today to continue making a difference in the lives of refugees.

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