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Refugee Relief project report | 2017

Published: November 17, 2017

Project Report

Middle East, Greece and Uganda Middle East, Greece and Uganda

Thank you for helping refugees around the globe. Because of your generosity, a refugee in the Middle East, Greece, or Uganda now has access to necessities such as food, clean water, and medical care. Not only did you provide for a refugee’s physical needs, but you also showed him the love of Christ through your giving.

You have truly made a difference that will outlive you and last for eternity!

Abdel’s life as a refugee

Abdel — whose name we’ve changed to protect his identity — has been a refugee most of his life. He was only 13 when he became the breadwinner for his family of nine.

Abdel’s family had fled to Jordan to escape their war-torn village in Syria. But even after their escape, his family struggled to survive.

His father had suffered several strokes and was unable to provide for the family. Desperate for food and an income, Abdel would hunt through the trash for scraps of bread. His family would eat the rotten food or sell it to local farmers as food for livestock. The money they made from selling this stale bread was barely enough to live on.

But thanks to your generosity, Abdel’s family received much-needed aid. Not only were their physical needs met, but Abdel also was able to attend a Christian tutoring program where he learned how to read and write.

Without your help, many refugees like Abdel wouldn’t have the essentials they need or have hope for a better future. Thank you for giving and helping refugees!

Salma’s journey to hope

One mother, whom we’ll call Salma, was overwhelmed with gratitude when she received three months’ worth of food that you helped provide.

Salma’s family fled Iraq after witnessing countless atrocities. They even saw family members executed in their own home. It seemed as if life was handing them blow after blow without any relief.

When they arrived in Jordan, Salma’s family couldn’t receive work permits. And without work, how could she give her children an education or even food to eat?

That’s where the gift of life-sustaining aid impacted this family’s life. Because of your donations, they received emergency food they desperately needed

Help another refugee

Thank you for recognizing that refugees are your neighbors in need. Because of your giving, refugees don’t have to worry about where their next meal will come from. However, supplies continue to run low as wars and violence persist.

More refugees are in need of emergency supplies such as food, clothing, clean water, and more. Will you give again to help another refugee? Your gift of $35 will provide one refugee with $189 worth of lifesaving aid. Give today at

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