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Rescue Programs project report | 2016

Published: November 22, 2016

Project Update

Guatemala, Haiti, Uganda

How does it feel to know that you saved a child’s life?

When you gave to children in need of rescue, that’s exactly what you did — save a life.

You’ve helped rescue children in Haiti, Guatemala, and Uganda — giving them a second chance. Your investment has instilled hope for a brighter future.


Mayra, her parents, and four siblings live in the small, remote village of El Guayabo.

Mayra’s parents try to provide for their children, but the entire village suffers from severe poverty, and jobs are few. When Mayra was nursing, her mother could not produce enough breast milk because she frequently didn’t have enough to eat.

Eventually, Mayra became quite sick — and her parents knew they desperately needed help. That’s where you came in.

Mayra before she received the treatment you provided.

Our Rescue Program transferred Mayra to the rescue center to receive emergency medical intervention. While Mayra was there, her mother learned more about proper hygiene and nutrition, and also heard the Gospel.

Mayra recently returned home with her family and is truly healthy for the first time in her life. In addition to formula for Mayra, the rescue center provided food for the whole family and is following up to ensure that Mayra continues to have a healthy and happy childhood.

Mayra today — healthy and happy thanks to you!


When Agnes and her twin brother, Kato, were just 8 months old, their father died unexpectedly. Their mother struggled to afford their rent on her own and decided to move in with Kato and Agnes’ grandmother.

Not long afterward, Kato caught the measles and nearly died. Unfortunately, he was discharged from the hospital before his treatment was complete because his mother wasn’t able to raise the 200,000 Ugandan shillings — about $60 — to pay for his care.

Their world would shift again when the family moved out.

“I noticed that I was burdensome to my mother, so I left in search for work. Life was difficult to make ends meet,” the twins’ mother said.

As Agnes and Kato grew more and more malnourished, their mother realized she could not take care of them by herself. She needed help — help from someone like you.

The two children received the critical treatment they needed and are now living in the children’s home. Because of you, two lives were saved. These precious twins now have access to the care they need to thrive!

This is Kato today: healthy at last!

Agnes now has a reason to smile.


You’ve heard it before, but we’ll say it again — your gift matters and it’s changing lives.

Thank you for giving hope to a child whose life hung in the balance. Your investment has not only saved a life, but also is opening the door for the Gospel to spread in some of the most remote and neglected areas of Guatemala and Uganda.

Because of your compassion, a life has been saved … and a heart has been touched forever.

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