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Your impact in Ukraine

Published: November 15, 2016

Project Update


Thank you for heeding the call and choosing to respond with compassion to the needs of refugees in Ukraine.

For families trapped in this war zone, food and basic supplies have all but run out. Most organizations have moved on to other crises in the world … but you have continued to faithfully stand in the gap for these exhausted, displaced people. Because of you, more than 500 people received food packages, Bibles, and Christian literature. Thank you.


Your generosity empowered a young mother named Elena:

For most of her life, Elena has lived in Avdeyevka, Ukraine, where she is a teacher at a local school. After the war broke out, Avdeyevka suffered heavy bombing damage, but Elena and her two daughters had nowhere else to go — so they stayed.

A few months later, Elena’s youngest daughter, Anya, started getting really sick. Doctors found a cyst on Anya’s brain; although they were able to remove it, Anya still has to have regular tests and treatment. Her medication and treatments are very expensive, and Elena often has to travel long distances to refill her daughter’s prescriptions.

Although life is hard, Elena is a strong mother who tries to remain optimistic. Instead of focusing on her own problems, Elena wants to help others. She and her fellow teachers have had to become counselors to their students, as many of them are suffering from depression and other illnesses related to stress.

Because of you, Elena and her children received food packs and a Bible. Elena loved learning about Jesus so much that she recently joined a Bible study group. Now, she is finding her strength and hope in Christ! She is grateful to you for the food and Good News that transformed her family!


Your kindness also changed Lyudmila’s life:

Before the war, Lyudmila loved taking care of her home and working at a local train station. Life was good, and she never dreamed that war would touch her family.

But war did come, and soon the train station closed and Lyudmila lost her job. Bombs destroyed several homes in her neighborhood, forcing many people to flee to safer cities. Now, there are about 4,000 people left in her hometown; only one pharmacy, one school, and a few stores are operating. Prices for goods are much higher than in other cities, so most people are living in poverty.

After receiving the aid and Bible you provided, Lyudmila accepted Christ as her Savior and opened her home as a meeting place for a Bible study. Forty-five people now gather to study God’s Word every Tuesday.

Thank you for seeing others through the eyes of Jesus and reaching into a dark situation with lifesaving aid and the Word of God.

Your commitment to helping the suffering in Ukraine is making an eternal difference!

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