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Stone Valley China – Christmas 2013

Christmas 2013 was a special time of fellowship for our sponsored children in China as well as the teachers and staff at the Stone Valley Home. They enjoyed a memorable time filled with fun activities, delicious food, and a time of worship!

Published: March 13, 2014

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Children's Program Update

Stone Valley, China China

Because of your direct involvement in our 2013 Christmas campaign, each of these children had the opportunity to participate in a Christmas celebration they will remember for years to come.

For the festivities, the children dressed in traditional Tibetan clothes that consist of beautiful and intricately designed robes. The children enjoyed interacting with their teachers, who took the time to sing and dance with them throughout the day. Some of the students performed a special dance for their peers and their teachers, who cheered and encouraged them as they performed. “The teachers celebrated together with us. We were all very happy,” said one of the children in the program.

One of the teachers shared the Christmas story with the children, and they spent time reflecting on the true meaning of Christmas—a living message of hope that would forever change the world. To top off the celebration, the children also enjoyed the excitement of opening their very own Christmas gifts and eating a tasty meal.

The children truly experienced an incredible Christmas together and are grateful for your involvement in their lives. From all the way across the world, you are making a difference during a time of year that is full of joy and hope. Because of your support and dedication, these children are reminded of how much they are loved. Thank you for making this Christmas a true celebration for our sponsored children in China.

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