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Danita’s Children’s Home – Christmas 2013

Christmas 2013 was an exciting time for your sponsored children in Haiti.

Published: March 13, 2014

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Danita's Children, Haiti Haiti

World Help sponsors, like you, partnered with Danita’s Children to put together a special Christmas celebration that gave the children the opportunity to fellowship with one another through worship, receiving gifts, and eating a delicious meal together.

Our partner Danita Estrella and her team of missionaries led the children in a time of worship and gave them the opportunity to respond to the Gospel. They truly believe that each Christmas holiday is a new opportunity to share the love of Christ to the children in their program. Danita wants to help make an eternal difference in the lives of these children and see each child accept Christ as their personal Savior. Many hearts were touched as a result of this intimate time of worship, and even the younger children are beginning to understand the love of Christ.

With help from our caring sponsors, Danita was able to purchase a special Christmas gift for each child. She picked out various, age-appropriate gifts that the children would enjoy. The older boys received items such as board games and cologne, while the younger boys were given toy trucks and plastic tool kits. Girls of all ages were given baby dolls to play with. Each face lit up as they opened their gifts. The children were so happy to be remembered by their sponsors and loved by the staff—and are so thankful for their new treasures.

Thank you for the life-changing Christmas celebration you helped provide for your sponsored children in Haiti . . . one they will never forget! Thank you for your commitment to supporting these children and continuing to pray for them. You are truly making an eternal difference in their lives!

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