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Every year, 1.5 million children die because they lack access to clean drinking water. This amounts to 4,000 children a day who perish from a commodity many of us take for granted.

Published: August 4, 2015

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Nepal and Uganda Nepal and Uganda

Every day, thousands of men, women, and children suffer from water-related illnesses that prevent them from working and attending school, and account for 50 percent of hospitalizations worldwide.

Because of your continuous efforts and dedication to our clean-water initiatives, thousands of people now have access to clean, sanitary drinking water. Thank you for helping us change their lives and combatting the global water crisis.

In 2014 alone, you partnered with us to provide clean water to impoverished villages around the world. As a result, we completed 83 clean-water projects, which forever changed and improved the lives of 69,000 people.

In 2015, we are continuing our efforts to provide clean drinking water through the development of clean-water wells, holding tanks, and additional water projects. Since we started our clean-water initiative, we have had the opportunity to complete more than 676 water projects in a number of countries around the globe, including Honduras, Peru, and Uganda, to name a few.

However, 1 billion people worldwide are still in desperate need of a clean-water source. With your help, we can continue our fight to put an end to the global water crisis and impact thousands of lives . . . one village at a time.

Our partners in the field recently shared a story of the incredible difference clean water is making in Sunkhani, Nepal:

For years, these villagers had to trek miles every day to fetch water from a polluted, stagnant pond overrun with waterborne diseases. Apsara Shiwakoti is a young girl from Sunkhani. Like most girls her age, she has the chore of gathering water for her family from the pond.

As the only access to water in their village, it often made her extremely sick. These illnesses, as well as her long journey to fetch the water, often interfered with her ability to complete her school work and many times prevented her from attending classes and fellowships.

Today, Apsara has a clean-water well in her village, which has made it possible for her and others in the village to have a sufficient supply of clean water for all their daily needs. This sanitary water source is keeping her healthy and enables her to attend school regularly now that she no longer travels long distances to gather water. These villagers’ lives have truly been transformed and improved through the gift of clean water.

Thank you for the vital role you are playing to provide clean water to those in need. Water changes everything . . . and you are helping change the world through your involvement.

In April 2015, World Help launched a World Water Day campaign to benefit the villagers in Kirinda, a Ugandan community that has suffered for generations without clean water. Our vision is to provide these individuals with a new well, piping system, and irrigation network. These resources are simple, but they will bring total transformation to every family in Kirinda—impacting the physical, mental, social, and economic ebb and flow of their everyday lives.

Visit to make a gift to this life-changing initiative.

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