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World Help is working with thousands of sponsors to provide Bibles to some of the most spiritually oppressed countries in the world. With every Bible we distribute, we are investing in spreading the eternal truth and everlasting hope to millions of people worldwide.

Published: August 4, 2015

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Project Update

China, North Korea, Iraq China, North Korea, Iraq

Many of the men, women, and children we are reaching with the Good News have never even heard the name of Jesus. Others live in countries where they can be killed as punishment for believing in Christ or preaching His name. Each of these countries need the truth of Christ, which can only be found through the Gospel. We are committed to global Bible distribution in an effort to reach every nation with the message of eternal hope found in Christ.

Thanks to our faithful and generous sponsors, in 2014 alone, we were able to distribute 287,665 Bibles throughout nine countries, including China, North Korea, and Iraq, to name a few. These Bibles impacted millions of people, sharing with them the hope found in God’s Word. And with your help, we have the potential to impact millions more.

In 2014, thousands of people received a Bible through our Bibles for Christmas campaign. We were able to supply and distribute more than 250,000 illustrated children’s Bible storybooks to children in Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Turkey, and Lebanon. While these countries are war-torn and filled with continuous and overwhelming violence, we believe the gift of God’s Word will revolutionize the Middle East.

Through the distribution of these storybook Bibles, thousands of children and their families are hearing the Gospel for the very first time, and we pray that their lives will be touched by the transformative power of Christ.

Ruth, a migrant worker in China, recently received a Bible from the local house church she attends. She was thrilled to receive her very own personal copy of God’s Word. She can now study it more frequently and has a source of encouragement and truth to turn to throughout the day.

“I have become stronger in my faith through studying Scripture, and I’m greatly touched by your generous offering! I have been witnessing to those around me and sharing the story of how I received my own Bible, encouraging people to love and know Christ. Every time I lay my eyes on my Bible I am reminded of you. I will never forget you,” Ruth said.

Digital Bibles

China is full of strict censorship policies and religious persecutions. Many Christians have endured brutal punishments and even death as a result of their faith in Christ. In 2012, we initiated the USB project in China to safely and discreetly deliver Bibles to men, women, and children who are seeking to know more about Christ.

We have been told that an individual USB drive has the potential to reach 1,000 students, giving them the opportunity to read and study the Bible from the privacy of their dorm rooms. Through the use of these USBs, thousands have been given access to God’s Word in their own language, along with additional knowledge and training to guide them in their journey with Christ . . . providing hope and encouragement in a country hostile to the Gospel.

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