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We have seen incredible results through your response to our World Help Gifts campaign, reaching more people than ever before with help for today and hope for tomorrow.

Published: August 4, 2015

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Kenya, Nepal, Honduras Kenya, Nepal, Honduras

Your support has provided resources to those trying to build a better future through items such as blankets distributed to children in need of comfort and warmth, clean water to impoverished villages entrenched with contaminated water sources, and the construction of small homes for families living in harsh conditions and desolation. Your partnership is touching lives around the world, and we couldn’t do this work without you!

In 2014, we were excited to expand this initiative through various fundraising events and community involvement. We had the opportunity to distribute our World Help gift catalogs in medical offices, churches, universities, and coffee shops, as well as through various conferences and our Children of the World tour. We even had the opportunity to share our initiatives at theaters during The Hunger Games premieres, where we distributed more than 9,000 catalogs in cities such as Dallas, TX, Raleigh, NC, and Washington D.C. Overall, we were able to share hope during the Christmas season and distribute nearly 57,000 catalogs total.

We wanted to encourage you with a few stories from the field of the individuals and communities you have directly impacted through your investment in World Help Gifts.

Beehives Thrive in Matioli

Twenty-five-year-old Annette has always dreamed of venturing into the beekeeping business. In college, she studied agriculture and wrote a business plan about the benefits of honey as a business and a source of medicine. Annette finished college one year ago, but she did not have the funds to turn her dream into a reality.

Through World Help Gifts, beehives were provided for Annette and her dream is coming true. Her business is already thriving as she is producing and selling the honey throughout the community. After tasting the first fruit of Annette’s beehive, her 65-year-old father bragged about how delicious it was. “It is the cleanest and sweetest honey I have ever tasted since I was born,” he said.

Heartwarming Blanket Distribution in Nepal

Through your support, we were able to provide Grace Children’s Home in Nepal with warm blankets for the children in the home. The new blankets help keep the children warm and comfortable in the cool evenings. Our partner Pastor Kam and the children have been praying for blankets and were excited to receive them. Here are a few statements from the children who received these blankets showing their gratitude.

“I prayed to God to provide a blanket and He answered my prayer,” Maina Tamang said.

“I am very thankful to God and World Help for providing us new blankets that keeps us warm during cold winter nights,” Deepesh Bohara said. Deepesh also shared how she and the other children used to study the Bible at night until it became too cold. Now, they have these blankets to stay warm while they pray and study the Bible in the evenings.

New Home Helps in Honduras

Adriana Espinal lives with her five children, Elvin (18), Paola (15), José (13), Genaro (10), Julio (8) and their grandmother Entima. The children have endured many difficulties as their father abandoned them, and their mother was injured and unable to work. The two oldest children work to provide some income, but the family could not afford what they needed the most, a new home. José shared that their house did not protect them from mosquitoes or the varying weather conditions. The rain and wind would cause their small hut to fall apart . . . they were left with an unstable place to live.

Thanks to your support, a new home was provided for the Espinal family. “Now we are very happy, safe, and grateful to the organization of World Help family for this great gift that looks like a dream,” José said.

These are only a few stories of the difference you are making worldwide. Through your efforts, lives are being changed, villages are receiving clean water and medical clinics, and the life-saving supplies have been distributed to those in need. Thank you for your partnership through World Help Gifts and for your commitment to touch lives around the world.

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