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World Help Global Impact project report | 2017

Published: November 17, 2017

Project Report

Guatemala and Thailand Guatemala and Thailand

Thank you so much for your generous giving to provide physical help and spiritual hope to people in need. You have truly put your love into action as Jesus did.

In addition to giving aid such as food, clean water, and other essential aid, you have illuminated a dark world with the light of Christ. You have changed the lives of people like Maria, Jose, and Lana.

The gift of food: Maria’s story

Maria and her 8-year-old daughter, Michelle, live among the very poorest people in Guatemala. Without an education, Maria’s only way of providing for her daughter is by selling recyclables she scavenges at the local trash dump.

Without your generosity, this family would often go hungry. But your gifts help provide a feeding center located by the dump where Maria and Michelle can receive the food they need to survive. Not only are your gifts filling stomachs, but they’re also filling hearts with hope.

“Thank you for the food and all you have done,” Maria exclaimed. “God bless you!”

The gift of medicine: Jose’s story

Jose is also from Guatemala. At 12 years old, he was going to school while also working to help provide for his family. The strain was too much for a young boy, and as a result, Jose became ill. Even though all of his family was working, they couldn’t afford his medical tests and procedures.

But your donations helped provide medical supplies that allowed Jose to receive treatment at no cost to his family. Now, he is on the road to recovery! 

The gift of freedom: Lana’s story

Lana — whose name we’ve changed for her safety— was stuck in a cycle of poverty. She couldn’t afford to attend school past ninth grade, but without a complete education, she couldn’t find a good job, either.

Like so many girls in Thailand, it seemed she was on the path to working as a prostitute in the bars. But that’s where your generosity helped make the difference in Lana’s future. Now she is living in a Freedom Center where she is able to finish her schooling.

Best of all, she is learning about the love of Christ every day.

Impact another life 

You’ve already stepped in and made a difference in the life of someone in need. But there are so many other people like Maria, Jose, and Lana who need your help.

Today, for just $45, you can provide help and hope to the people who need it most. Your gift will be reserved for people with the most urgent needs. You’ll reach vulnerable children, needy families, and communities in crisis. To give, visit

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