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World Help Gifts project report | 2017

Published: November 17, 2017

Project Report

Guatemala and Uganda Guatemala and Uganda

Thank you for improving the life of someone in need. Your generosity has made an impact that will outlive you and last for eternity.

Whatever gift you chose to give through World Help Gifts, your decision to act completely transformed a life. For that, we cannot thank you enough!

Joseph’s story: Clean water

At 78 years old, Joseph couldn’t keep making the 2-mile trip to fetch water and haul it back to his home in Kiziba, Uganda. And he worried that when he sent his children and grandchildren in his stead they would be injured on the journey.

But through generous gifts, a well was built in the center of his village.

Now, Joseph can stand in his doorway and watch his grandchildren walk safely to and from the well. Clean water improved the health of his village and also gave him peace of mind.

Mynor’s story: Fruit trees

Did you know a single tree can bless an entire family?

Through World Help Gifts, Mynor and his family received a Moringa tree – a plant known for its nutritious fruit and its leaves’ medicinal qualities.

“We are taking care of it with a lot of love,” Mynor said. “We know that when it is bigger, it will be a great benefit for us.”

This simple gift means that Mynor’s entire family will now be healthier and happier. He is eager to pay forward the kindness he has received and help his neighbors. He plans to cultivate more Moringa trees so the whole community can benefit.

Rudy’s story: Rabbits

Rudy is a hardworking father from Guatemala, but he struggled to earn enough money to provide nutritious food for his four growing children.

Then, he received a life-changing gift: rabbits!

His family now has a sustainable source of protein as well as additional income as the rabbits have started to reproduce. Rudy said since his children have started eating a healthier diet, they have more energy, and they are even doing better in school.

Transform another life today

So many people like Joseph, Mynor, and Rudy require immediate help. With varying needs, it’s difficult to choose where donations will make the most impact. But by giving $45 to the Where Needed Most fund, you can be assured that your gift will go to the most vulnerable people who need immediate help.

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