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You helped improve a child’s life in Nepal

Published: April 2, 2020

Children's Program Update

Nepal Nepal

Thank you for sponsoring a child in Nepal. Your ongoing support has changed a life forever.

We like to keep you updated about what your sponsored child and other kids in the program have been up to over the past year… all because of your compassionate giving. And even though the world is a little different now than it was a few weeks ago because of the coronavirus, we were able to get this report of how your child has been doing since Christmas and knew you would want to hear it.

A Christmas packed with fun

As the holiday season drew nearer, the staff at the children’s home decorated the building with banners, Christmas trees, and poinsettias. The children were so excited to see the decorations and even more excited when the day of the Christmas event arrived. On the day of the event, the kids from the children’s homes gathered together for a special meal.

After supper, Christmas gifts were distributed, and each child received a new winter coat. They were thrilled about their presents! They proudly displayed them, and many of the children immediately tried on their jackets. To conclude the celebration, several of the older children performed Christmas carols.

Day to day

In addition to making days like Christmas extra special, your continued support also helps meet your sponsored child’s everyday needs. You make sure your child has access to essentials like nutritious food, durable clothing, medical care, and educational opportunities — things that are especially important during difficult times like the coronavirus outbreak the world is now facing.

All of the children are safe have not been directly affected by the virus. However, they have seen a lot of daily changes similar to what we are seeing in America. All schools have been closed until April 30, but most of the sponsored kids in the program were already on break after completing their exams. Please continue to keep your sponsored child in your prayers during this time.

Thank you

Your gift of sponsorship has been life changing!

Every month, your gift boosts the health and happiness of your sponsored child … and makes holidays like Christmas extra special, too. For that, we cannot thank you enough! You can give an additional gift today to provide extra help for your sponsored child and other kids in the program by visiting

Thank you for investing in the life of a child.

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