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You helped people grow spiritually through your giving!

Published: September 3, 2019

Project Report

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Thank you for helping spread the Gospel through your generosity. Your giving to provide Bibles and plant churches around the world allowed your brothers and sisters to grow in their faith and introduced many people to Jesus for the first time!

Adra and Diego are just two examples of the impact you have made both here on earth and for eternity.

“No more shame but joy”: Adra’s story

Adra felt like she was on the outskirts of life. “I was a sex worker,” she said. “I was not happy with what I was doing. I was filled with shame and guilt. I was lost in the valley of darkness with no hope; there was no one who really cared for me.”

We’ve changed Adra’s name to protect her privacy, but she is eager to share her story.

One day when Adra was feeling hopeless, someone invited her to go to a church service. The message of Jesus Christ and His unfailing love touched her heart. She wanted to learn more about this Jesus … only she had no way to do so.

Then because of YOUR generosity, Adra received a Bible of her own.

“I started to read it and knew more about Jesus. Soon I accepted Jesus as my Savior. Now I am very happy to have new hope [and] new ways to live my life. Every single thing has changed in my life. No more shame, but joy — no more sorrow, but only happiness. I have seen lots of comfort from the Bible and now very proudly I can say I have a hope for me and my family only because of my Lord Jesus Christ.”

 You helped restore hope for Adra and so many others by introducing them to the greatest source of hope — Jesus.

By being the hands and feet of Jesus, you’ve demonstrated His love to people who needed to be rescued. Thank you for making it possible for the Good News to be shared with people around the world.


From a pimp to a preacher: Diego’s story

Diego was once a nightmare in his Cuban community. Families were afraid of him because he’d spent time in jail and they were worried he would steal away their daughters. He was known as a hunter of girls, luring teenagers into prostitution with the promise of a “good life.”

Today, some of the people in Diego’s community still hate him. It’s not because he’s involved in prostitution — those days are long behind him. It’s because now he is a Christian living in a country where followers of Jesus are often persecuted. We’ve changed his name to keep him safe.

Diego’s radical transformation began when he was approached by a church planter — one of the church planters you helped support. Once Diego heard the Gospel, he knew he needed to give up his evil lifestyle and change forever.

You have been instrumental in helping
introduce people across the globe to the Gospel
— through sending Bibles, building churches,
supporting church planters, and so many other
ways. You have truly done something that will
outlive you and last for eternity.

“That day, to my surprise, he decided to give his heart to Jesus,” the church planter said. “He started attending church, he [has been] baptized, and he wants to serve the Lord by preaching the Gospel.”

Diego’s neighbors can’t believe the incredible revival that has happened in his life. Many of the very same people he now attends church with used to be afraid of him. That’s the transformative power of the Gospel! Because of you and your generosity, people all across Cuba and the world have come to know this power for themselves.

Thank you, again, for helping to ignite and renew the hearts of people around the world by pointing them to Christ.

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