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Rescue a child from the red zone

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Aug 21, 2018

What does starvation look like?

You’ve probably seen the images — children with swollen bellies, bony legs, and brittle, yellowed hair. Those images are devastating, but they are just one part of the harsh reality of a global food crisis.

Starvation also looks like a tiny toddler, squirming in her mother’s lap while a nurse wraps a special measuring tape around her upper arms. The tape is divided into three sections — green, yellow, and red.

If the child’s measurement is in the green section, she is considered healthy. But as the nurse tightens the tape around the little girl’s skinny arm, it slides past green … then past the yellow. Finally, it stops in the red — the child is severely malnourished.

In places like South Sudan, Syria, and other countries facing hunger crises, countless children are suffering in the “red zone.” And it’s a life-threatening place to be. But you can do something to help.

For just $40you can feed a starving child for an entire year!

Without immediate help, that little girl in the red zone will experience heart, liver, and kidney failure. Her skin and bones will become brittle. And her brain won’t develop like it should. If she survives, her future opportunities will be limited, and the cycle of poverty and starvation will continue.

Her mother knows this. It’s why her forehead is creased with worry as she watches the nurse measuring her daughter’s thin limbs. She thinks about the place at home where she used to store food — the place that now sits empty, gathering dust. She feels hopeless. She has nothing left to feed her child.

Over the next few months, she will watch in agony as her child fades away.

That’s what starvation looks like. But when you feed a starving child today, you can show her what HOPE looks like. You can help save a life.

All it takes is $40 to rescue a child from the red zone and rescue her parents from a life without hope. The food you provide for an entire year will help her become healthy again — and give her the chance at a bright future.

Please feed one starving child today.


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