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Running for her life, Miriam lost her most treasured possession

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Aug 23, 2019

“We were in our school the day this dreaded Boko Haram invaded our community,” Miriam recalled.

She remembers the screams … running as fast as she could. She remembers leaving most of her books and other possessions behind or dropping them along the way — including her Bible.

We’ve changed Miriam’s name because she still lives in Nigeria where Boko Haram extremists run rampant, persecuting and killing Christians.

Miriam never saw her family again after that day. “I never know where they are, whether they are alive or dead,” Miriam said. “I do not know.”

When Miriam finally arrived in a refugee camp — weary and heartbroken — all she wanted to do was read her Bible and take comfort in God’s Word. But she couldn’t.

“Since I did not have any Bible, I never felt happy because during both my morning devotion and in fellowship, or even at home, I didn’t have a Bible to read,” she said.

But then, a generous donor provided Miriam with a new Bible.


On the days when she is especially afraid or lonely and missing her family, Miriam can read the Scriptures that bring her ultimate peace.

“I am so happy to have received a Bible,” Miriam said. “I can now read my Bible, the Word of God.”

Miriam wasn’t the only one to receive a Bible in her village. Because of compassionate donors like you, 1,000 Bibles were bought and distributed in communities throughout Nigeria.

Today, you can help spread God’s Word to the refugee camps of Nigeria, too, as well as to places like impoverished villages in Guatemala or underground churches in North Korea.

As a Bibles for All Ambassador, you will send five copies of the Scriptures into these and other “Bible deserts” every month. And since each one of these Bibles has the potential to be shared among five family members and friends, that means you could impact 300 people with God’s Word in just one year!

Click the button below to learn more and become an Ambassador today. You will help spread God’s Word into some of the most spiritually dark places on earth and bring incredible comfort to countless people like Miriam.


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