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Seeing Iraq With New Eyes

Vernon Brewer
Oct 30, 2015

This week, I’m traveling with a World Help team in Iraq where the depravity of ISIS has left a collateral trail of human loss and a state of chaos.

Report after report tells of the group’s growing influence and the evil they are inflicting on innocent lives. Beheadings, torture, rape—even crucifixions. No one is left untouched by the horror. Every refugee I’ve spoken to has their own gut-wrenching story.

Iraq refugee relief - World Help

During our time here, we’ll be assessing the needs of the growing refugee population. We’ll be listening intently and seeking to provide the best care possible for devastated families, traumatized children, and persecuted Christians. 

I hope you will follow along daily as we share stories and insights from the field.

The crisis in the Middle East is projected to get worse, but I want to provide you with the opportunity to see firsthand the difference World Help supporters are making. I want to show you that when the Church acts as the hands, feet, and heart of Jesus, life-giving hope occurs.

Children of Iraq - World Help

World Help recently launched PHASE 2 of our refugee relief programs. While we continue to supplement our humanitarian aid distributions to refugees, we’re also focusing on developmental models that are meeting long-term needs as we move forward.

I hope to give you an inside perspective of the significance these new programs, which include investments in education, counseling, job creation, and spiritual development and resources, are bringing to the future of Iraq.

Our team will be posting daily video updates here. I urge you to share these across your social media platforms. In doing so, you help connect others to the need . . . and impact lives.

Hope for Iraq - World Help

Also, be sure to check in daily with World Help on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for live updates.

I pray you’ll see the heartbreaking need with your own eyes. And may you also see the hope that is possible when we collectively stand and say “ENOUGH.”

Stay tuned for new updates from the field.


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