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Serve the World Day: Blessing families in Guatemala by packing critical supplies

Blog Team
Nov 19, 2022

Last Friday, the World Help staff put down their laptops and took some time away from their desks to honor former employee Patrick Shaw during the second annual Serve the World Day.

Patrick passed away from cancer in 2020, but his passion for helping people in need lives on.

On the second anniversary of his passing, the staff joined volunteers and members of Patrick’s family in the new Aid & Relief distribution center to help fill 1,920 Blessing Buckets provided by God’s Pit Crew, a local crisis response team.

Each five-gallon bucket was stuffed with enough essentials like soap, shampoo, toothbrushes, warm blankets, school supplies, and more to provide for an entire family.

The critical supplies inside each bucket will be a blessing to families living in poverty

Kelsey Spickler, a World Help volunteer and intern, was excited to learn that the buckets will be shipped to families in Guatemala, especially since she just visited for the first this past summer.

“I was able to see and meet the many people impacted by World Help’s donations, so knowing that these buckets are going to these sweet people is really special to me,” Kelsey said. “While at times it may seem like these supplies are too small to make a true impact, I remember that these buckets also serve as a sign of God’s love and hope to those who need it most.”

Since the average family in Guatemala consists of five people, these 1,920 Blessing Buckets will impact around 9,600 people!

Not only was this year’s Serve the World Day a chance to reflect on the life and legacy of Patrick and other world changers who are no longer with us, but it was also an opportunity to provide help and hope for people struggling to survive.

The Blessing Buckets are already on their way to provide HELP and HOPE to people in Guatemala!

Thank you to everyone who helped pack the Blessing Buckets. The generous gift of your time will make an incredible impact in Guatemala!

If you couldn’t join us on Serve the World Day but would still like to help people in need, you can sign up to volunteer at the new Aid & Relief distribution center!

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