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Special message for sponsors: Are you forgetting something?

Blog Team
Sep 06, 2017

It’s that time of year again — time for new notebooks, backpacks, and friends. It’s time to go back to school for many of the kids in our lives.

During such a busy time, it’s easy to forget things. You might even have forgotten to fill out your back-to-school card for your sponsored child!

But don’t worry, if you haven’t filled it out yet there’s still time! Just send it in by Sept. 22.

This special card shows your sponsored child your support and will be an inspiration to keep working hard in school. A card full of encouragement from you could be just what he or she needs this school year.

And your impact doesn’t stop with a card. You can make sure sponsored children around the world have a fantastic school year by giving to the Back to School Fund!

When you give to this fund, you provide the books, uniforms, and other supplies these children need to learn and give students more educational opportunities through extracurricular activities.

You’re already giving your sponsored child a chance for a better future. And by investing in education, you can improve the lives of even more children in need.


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