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Sponsors, feel close at heart even when you're far apart

Kelsey Campbell
Dec 13, 2018

Building a long-distance relationship with your sponsored child is hard, especially at Christmas. This time of year, you want your loved ones to know you are thinking of them … but that’s no simple task when you live thousands of miles apart.

Here are some ideas to help you feel a little closer to your sponsored child this holiday season and make this a Christmas he or she will remember forever.

From your home to theirs

Even though you and your sponsored child can’t exchange presents in person, you can still send them gifts to make it feel like you’re there. Sending a handmade Christmas ornament is the perfect way to show your sponsored child how much he or she means to you this Christmas. We love these ideas for 38 handmade ornaments from the blog One Little Project. Just be sure to choose one that can fit in a flat 6×9-inch envelope and doesn’t contain glass or any other breakable material.

You could also send your sponsored child a snowflake cut from a coffee filter, an origami Christmas tree, or one of the many kid-friendly crafts you can find on our Pinterest page. These crafts are easy to make and easy for your sponsored children to display by their beds, on their walls, or even on a Christmas tree.

Make two to make it twice as special

When you and your family have finished making your handmade craft, make sure to sign your names. Then make a second one and write your sponsored child’s name on it. Display this one in your own home or hang it on your Christmas tree.

Be sure to write a note to go with your gift, letting your sponsored child know that his or her name is on a matching ornament or decoration to remind you of him or her every day. Make a commitment to pray for your sponsored child every time you look at this special memento during the Christmas season.

Send a Christmas letter

Before you seal up your envelope and mail it off to your sponsored child, you may want to include this special downloadable letter, as well. Print it and fill in the blanks about your favorite parts of the holiday season — from your favorite Bible verses to family traditions.

Your sponsored child may even write back sharing some of his or her own Christmas favorites. Together, you’ll learn more about each other and how you celebrate Jesus’ birth in different countries.

Whatever you choose to write or make for your sponsored child, remember that it doesn’t have to be perfect. Just knowing it came from you will be an awesome Christmas present for your sponsored child and will automatically make him or her feel closer to you during this special time of year.


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