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Sponsors We Love: Keri’s Hope for Star School

Melissa Schultz
Feb 15, 2016

This Valentine’s Day, we are captivated by the idea that love must believe before love can step into action.

In other words, before we can make a lasting difference in the world, we must have a love that believes positive change and hope is possible—and our child sponsors do just that.

Keri Chandler—a mother and student at Liberty University—has believed in empowering children for the past eight years.

“We enjoy doing sponsorship and knowing we can help children in need. We have six children of our own, so obviously kids are near and dear to our heart,” Keri said.

Chandler Family

As part of her psychology degree, Keri participated in an international internship in Kigali, Rwanda, where she learned about the psychological effects of the 1994 genocide. As part of the internship, Keri and her classmates worked at Star School, one of World Help’s Child Sponsorship Programs.

Impressed by the children and the program, Keri immediately began sponsoring Patrick when she returned home.

“I felt very passionate about sponsoring another child through World Help because I went to the Star School. I was there and saw where he goes to school and who his teachers are . . . I feel really connected to that.”

Star School in Rwanda

Although the Chandlers have been faithful sponsors for years, this trip showed Keri the difference she was actually making in a child’s life.

“Because I’ve had the firsthand experience of being at a school where children are sponsored, I can see the actual effect of the donation.”

After her internship, Keri’s pastor asked her to share her experiences at her church. She talked about the exciting parts of her trip, and how Liberty University and World Help are making a difference in Kigali. She also talked about the hard parts—the trauma many Rwandans live with every day and the poverty that still cripples the country.

After Keri shared about her experience with Star School and sponsoring Patrick, a small group at the church decided that together, they would sponsor another child at Star School.

Star School Classroom

For Keri, visiting Star School solidified her conviction that sponsorship really makes a lasting difference—and for the people at Keri’s church, hearing her testimony gave them the courage to follow her lead.

“A lot of people are scared to donate money to something they don’t understand or if they don’t know where their money is going. But to hear from somebody that you know and trust in your sphere of influence that says ‘I’ve seen firsthand that these children are being educated, how well behaved they are, and how they love Jesus…’ I was able to show them videos and they fell in love, just like I fell in love.”

For Keri, the reason child sponsorship matters is simple:

“Sometimes we can be their only hope—for education, and the gift of Jesus.”

We are so thankful for dedicated sponsors like Keri, who believe in the potential, promise, and purpose of one child. We couldn’t do it without you!



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