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Take the #GiveUpGiveMore challenge in 2020

Emily Towns
Jan 08, 2020

With 2020 starting a new decade, this new year has me feeling especially contemplative and driven. If you’re feeling that way, too, you’ve probably set some goals for the year ahead.

My resolutions are to eat less sugar, read more books from the library, and exercise more. And I’ve noticed that a lot of these goals also involve me spending less money.

When I’m cutting back on sugar, I’m not buying those expensive lattes at a coffee shop. If I’m reading more books from my local library, I’m not spending as much at a bookstore. And when I’m exercising, I tend to eat healthier, which means cooking more and eating out less, cutting my food budget significantly.

It’s a great side effect of New Year’s resolutions, and it got me thinking — what if this year we each take the challenge to give up something that’s bad for us so we can give more to help others?

Think about it — it takes as little as $8 to give someone the physical help and spiritual hope they need. So if you give monthly the amount you normally spend on something else, your impact will multiply and you can help rescue dozens of people by the end of 2020.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

Instead of spending your money on fast food and coffee, you’ll be spending it to bring help and hope to people who need it most.

Your gift will be used to help in the most urgent situations. So, when a disaster strikes, your generosity will ensure that help is immediately on the way to people left homeless and devastated. When a child is starving, you can provide food just in time. And when someone is sick or in desperate need of medical care, your gift can help make sure he gets the aid he needs.

Not only that — but every time someone receives help because of your monthly giving, they will see the love of Christ in action and may even open their hearts to hearing the Gospel.

This year, double the impact of your New Year’s resolutions. Choose something to GIVE UP, so you can GIVE MORE to people in need … and challenge a friend to do the same.

Thinking of taking the challenge? We’d love to hear about it! Post what you’re giving up on social media and be sure to tag World Help and include the hashtag #GiveUpGiveMore.

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