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The latest annual report is here! See how you helped change the world

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Aug 10, 2022

2021 was a challenging year.

Coming out of the coronavirus pandemic, the world experienced one of the most severe food shortages to date.

Natural disasters devastated parts of the world like Haiti and the Philippines.

And last summer, the Taliban violently overthrew the Afghanistan government. Many families were forced to go on the run, and those who couldn’t leave faced starvation and intense oppression.

These are just a few of the challenges people around the world faced.

But you didn’t idly sit by as people around the globe struggled to survive. In 2021, you met the physical and spiritual needs of 2,803,985 people.

Click below to download the latest annual report and read how your generosity made a difference around the world.

You helped provide food bags to families in need

Your impact by the numbers

In this year’s annual report, you’ll learn how the World Help family …

– Impacted 17,521 people with sustainability projects like clean water wells and vocational training

– Distributed 87,470 Bibles in spiritually dark places

– Helped lift children out of poverty with 11,869 child sponsorships in 22 countries

– Shipped lifesaving aid like food, blankets, and medical care to 992,181 people

– And so much more!

People around the world wouldn’t have received the help and hope they desperately needed without world changers like you!

The faces behind the numbers

The annual report will also give you an inside look into some of the lives of individuals impacted by your generosity, including Nadia from Afghanistan and Chin from North Korea.

After the Taliban’s violent takeover, Nadia took her children and ran. They lived in a tiny tent, often going without necessities like food and water. When the winter came, Nadia was convinced they wouldn’t make it. She had no way to protect her children against the elements.

You sent life-saving aid to Afghan refugees

But your generosity gave Nadia warm clothing and blankets that prevented her family from freezing to death.

Chin is another person whose life was changed because of generous donors like you.

Chin received his first Bible last year! And even though he had to study it in secret because he lives in North Korea, he believed it was worth the risk.

You distributed Bibles to people who have never heard the Gospel

Then one day, a lady cleaning from his building found the Bible and took it. Once he realized it was missing, Chin resigned himself to the fact that she would turn him in. But no one ever came for him. Chin later learned that the cleaning lady had kept the Bible and hosted a Bible study at her house with it. Chin was thrilled to see his Bible being used to help others grow in their faith!

These stories are just a quick preview of the incredible impact you made. Make sure to download the full report to read about more people whose lives you helped transform.

How you can continue making a difference

Thank you for choosing to make a difference in 2021! You have forever changed the lives of people around the world by giving them help for today and hope for tomorrow.

But the work is far from over.

You can give again today to help where needed most and meet some of the most urgent needs around globe.

Every $12 is enough to help someone’s most urgent physical and spiritual needs.

Thank you. Please do not refresh the page while we process your transaction.