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These four kids need sponsors

Kelsey Campbell
Jul 30, 2018

Meet Grace, Winton, Rose, and Peter!  

These kids recently had something BIG happen in their lives — they got the chance to go to school for the first time.

Until a short time ago, they assumed they would spend their childhood working in the fields of Kikooba, Uganda, like their parents and grandparents before them. After all, there was no school within easy walking distance.

Then, they heard of a major construction project happening in their village. A school was being built! Finally, the first day of school came. It was one of the most exciting days of their lives.

But without the help of sponsors, their education is in danger.

Generous donors provided the construction and initial costs for the school. But the kids need long-term sponsors to make sure they have access to education for years to come.

Each of the following kids has a unique story and situation. But the one thing they have in common is the need for a sponsor.

Please tell your family and friends about these kids in need of sponsorship. Or consider sponsoring a child yourself today! Scroll to the bottom of the page for more information on how to start your sponsorship journey.

Grace Ngabire – 13 years old

Grace is a sociable girl who makes friends with anyone she meets. She’s a diligent student who enjoys learning English and takes her education seriously. But she also loves getting outside after school and playing netball with her friends.

Grace’s parents work as laborers and don’t earn nearly enough to be able to send Grace to school. Without sponsorship, Grace won’t continue receiving the education she needs in order to achieve her dream of becoming a doctor.

Winton Ninsiima – 7 years old 

Winton loves his math class in school. Solving equations and figuring out the answers to problems are intriguing to him. He enjoys all of his other classes, too. Winton likes going to school so much he wants to become a teacher when he grows up.

Winton’s parents know how important education is for their son. But like many people in their village, they don’t earn enough money to provide for their son’s most basic needs. Their prayer is that Winton will receive a sponsor so he will have the opportunity to be the first in their family to break free of poverty for good.

Rose Nagawa – 7 years old

Rose is constantly overflowing with joy! She loves to sing and dance, and nothing seems to dampen her spirits. Now that Rose has been given a chance to go to school, she has discovered a passion for reading, too. She enjoys books on all kinds of topics, and she wants to become a teacher someday so she can share her passion with other kids.

Rose comes from a caring home, and her parents want the best for her. Unfortunately, her father is disabled, so her mother is the sole provider for their household. And that means her family barely has enough money to get by.

Peter Mugisha – 3 years old

Peter has an outgoing personality, and a helpful spirit. When he isn’t helping his parents with chores like fetching water, he can often be found playing soccer with his friends. He’s recently learned his numbers, and he grins as he proudly counts and shows off his new talent.

Even though Peter is in preschool, he already has big dreams of becoming a doctor when he grows up. But he still has a long way to go in his education before he reaches his goal. And without financial support, his family won’t be able to keep their happy little boy in school so he can fulfill his dreams.

* * *

You can become a sponsor today for one of these kids or another child in Kikooba. You’ll make sure that child is able to stay in school as well as provide healthy meals, medical care, and clothing. All it takes is $35 a month!

To sponsor Grace, Winton, Rose, or Peter, call toll free 800-541-6691 and mention the child’s name. You also can click the button below to see all of the kids in Kikooba who are waiting for a sponsor.

Together, we can make sure all of these children have loving sponsors and a bright future!


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