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Thirsty for the Word of God

  • January 20, 2020
Sam Campbell
Sam Campbell

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Imagine being stranded in the middle of the desert. The sun scorching your skin. Sand and grit pelting your face and scratching your eyes.

Your throat is dry as sandpaper, so you keep swallowing. You reach for your canteen and try to take a big gulp, but there’s nothing. Not one drop.

You need water.

These extreme conditions sound like something out of a movie. Most of us can’t relate to this kind of thirst. It isn’t our reality.

But for so many around the world, this is their reality, spiritually speaking.

In countries like India, Uganda, and Iran, people are thirsty for the Word of God. But they live in Bible deserts — places where God’s Word is either illegal or extremely rare. And where owning a single copy can get you killed.

Yet, Christians in these countries dream about owning their own copy of the Bible. Even if that means risking increased persecution.

By becoming a Bibles for All Ambassador, you can help turn their dreams into reality.

John — whose name we’ve changed to keep him safe — is a 12-year-old boy from a remote province in China. Widespread poverty makes Bibles a scarce commodity in his area, particularly with house church Christians.

John and his friends came to know Christ through Sunday School at a local church. And they know firsthand what it’s like to crave God’s Word.

Even at their young ages, these boys want to grow in their faith, and they thirst for the comfort the Scriptures give to the persecuted. They also want to share the Gospel with their friends and family — but using “the grown-up version, not the children’s version [of the Bible]!” they insisted.

John and his friends are an example of the many Christians around the world who are yearning to hold a Bible in their hands. Still, many more people in these Bible deserts have yet to even hear the name of Jesus.

Today, you can offer Living Water to someone just like John.

As a Bibles for All Ambassador, you can help strengthen the faith of a new Christian or play a role in introducing someone to Christ.

For $25 a month, you will provide five people each month with their own copy of God’s Word. And because each Bible is often shared with an average of five family members or friends, your gift can impact up to 25 people monthly. That’s 300 people each year!

Just like John, there is someone else out there who is craving the Word of God … but poverty and persecution stand in the way. Will you help quench their spiritual thirst?

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