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This Christmas, you can transform a life for $50 or less

Emily Towns
Nov 22, 2019

Christmas can be an expensive time of year. Between traveling and buying gifts, you might think there’s no way you have enough money to help change someone’s life.

But this Christmas season, you have the opportunity to help pull someone out of poverty — for $50 or less.

Here are four ways you can help rescue someone in need … even on a holiday budget.

Help rescue a malnourished child

In poor communities in countries like Guatemala and Haiti, families often struggle to afford treatment for their sick and malnourished children. Without medical attention, these boys and girls wither away and even die while parents are forced to watch. It’s heartbreaking … but this Christmas, you can make sure that one precious child receives the help he needs.

Your $50 gift will help provide an initial medical exam and nutritional supplements to help save a child’s life. You will be the one to start him on a path toward health. And it all starts with your holiday gift.

Help introduce a girl to freedom from slavery

Girls growing up in India and Thailand are often expected to be the breadwinners for their families. But if they can’t afford a quality education, their options are limited. Many impoverished young women are forced into believing their only choice is to join the sex industry.  

This Christmas, you can help show one girl a different path. For just $50, you can help introduce her to freedom by providing essentials like a safe place to live, access to an education or vocational training, medical care, counseling, and more. You will help rescue her from a life of abuse and give her hope for a better future.

Provide new shoes for a child in poverty

If you have kids in your life, you know how quickly they can go through shoes. Families in poverty simply can’t afford to buy a new pair every time their child outgrows or wears a pair out. So, their children are left barefoot — vulnerable to disease and injury. Plus, shoes are a requirement to attend school in many countries. Unfortunately, it’s a requirement that many children cannot meet, so they are unable to pursue an education.

But your gift will change all of that. For just $25, you will provide shoes for a child in need. Think of how proud he will be to walk into school wearing the new shoes you gave him!

Give help where it’s needed most

Are you a planner? Are you passionate about being prepared for every situation? Then this gift might be for you. When you choose to give where needed most, your gift will be used in the most urgent situations that arise around the globe.

When disasters such as a hurricane or earthquake strike a community, your gift can be used to provide emergency aid to a family. Or it may provide lifesaving food for a starving child just in time.  

Best of all, your gift to help where needed most will DOUBLE up to $50,000 thanks to a matching gift! That means your $45 multiplies to become $90, which will be used to provide essentials like clean water, food, medical care, and more when a crisis occurs.

You really can make a difference in someone’s life, even when it’s the Christmas season and the budget is tight. What better time to do it, too? Your gift of $50 or less can help one person escape the clutches of poverty … and that’s a pretty good Christmas gift!

Choose how you transform a life by choosing one of the gifts above or clicking the button below to see the full World Help Christmas Giving catalog.


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