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This World Water Day, give someone like Habeeb clean water

Sam Campbell
Mar 22, 2021

If you stand in the middle of Habeeb’s village, it’s not hard to see why water is so scarce. The ground is nothing but dry dirt and stones. Trees are few and far between. And the thatched roofs of family huts are permanently baked by the sun.

Habeeb lives in an area of South Asia where Christian persecution is on the rise, so I’ve changed his name for protection.

For years, Habeeb and his wife struggled to find clean water in their rural village. Unfortunately, many others around the globe are currently stuck in the same situation.

But today — on World Water Day — your special gift will be a lifeline. For just $15, you will provide one person like Habeeb with clean water for an entire year!

Decades of drought dried up many of the water sources surrounding Habeeb’s village, causing a terrible domino effect. Without water, farmers couldn’t maintain their livestock or gardens. And without these sources of income, families fell into even deeper poverty.

“There is no piped water supply,” one of our partners said. “The majority of people have to walk a long distance [to find water].”

And that’s exactly what they did. While their husbands worked, many women like Habeeb’s wife spent hours each day searching for water. They’d walk for miles … with very few results.

The water they did find was often contaminated with bacteria. Every day was a fight for survival, and the entire community thought they’d be trapped in this cycle forever.

Thankfully, generous World Help donors came to their rescue!

A well was dug in Habeeb’s village to provide clean water for 500 people. They couldn’t believe this incredible blessing. Now, it’s become a family affair to gather around the well and watch the water rush out of the pipes.

Women and children no longer have to walk for hours over the rocky terrain. Instead, they are just steps away from as much fresh, clean water as they could possibly need!

“They had lost their hope that there would be any clean drinking water facilities coming to their village,” our partner said, “but their cries and prayers got answered through World Help.”

But today, there are more people like Habeeb who are waiting for help to arrive. In Zambia, Mr. Kelevas is also struggling to grow crops and feed his family. And in Zimbabwe, Elizabeth is waking up at 3 a.m. every morning to begin her dangerous five-mile hike to find water.

These people can’t just drive to the store and buy a pack of water bottles. They don’t have any pipes or faucets in their homes.

That’s why your gift is so important. In honor of World Water Day, will you give someone access to clean water for the very first time?

Just $15 is all it takes to provide one person with this lifesaving resource for an entire year.

Your gift will help prevent people from dying of waterborne diseases. You’ll help make sure children stay hydrated and focused in school. You’ll allow mothers to find jobs instead of spending all day looking for water. And much more.

Plus, since wells are often built near local churches, people in need may have the opportunity to learn about God each time they collect water!

Not only do you have the chance to give someone like Habeeb fresh drinking water … but you can also help introduce him or her to the Living Water, too.

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