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Venezuela: How far would you go to feed your family?

Blog Team
Feb 04, 2019

Protests in Venezuela continue to escalate as the political situation grows more tense and citizens starve. Hyperinflation means families can’t afford to eat. And since many stores can’t keep their doors open, there is little food left to buy anyway.

“We are tired of so much misery … of spending the day looking for food from one place to another,” one Venezuelan woman told a reporter.

Today, you can give one person in Venezuela the help he or she has been pleading for. For just $14, you will provide enough food to last four weeks plus a hygiene kit.

Although Venezuela’s humanitarian disaster only recently made the news, chaos and hunger have reigned in the country for years. Our partner there will never forget the extreme desperation he witnessed one terrible day last year:

The smell of death and decay filled the air. Our partner heard what had happened at the local cattle farm, but he had to see for himself. As soon as he did, he knew the image would be seared in his brain forever. Cows lay slaughtered all over the ground, the meat stripped from their bones. Flies buzzed in droves. This was what hunger did to people.

The people of the town, driven mad with hunger, had broken into the farm and killed all of the cows. They frantically grabbed as much meat as they could to take home to their starving families. 

Can you imagine going to such desperate lengths to feed your family?

“This may be the worst humanitarian crisis going on in the world right now,” our partner said. But YOU can help.

Your $14 gift will provide four weeks’ worth of nutritious food to a person struggling to survive, as well as desperately needed hygiene supplies. You can show someone that there is still hope … that somebody still cares. Will you spend $14 to help save a life?


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