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Vocational training mends lives

Kelsey Campbell
Nov 11, 2017

Kevin ran her fingers over her siblings’ tattered clothing as she fumbled crude stitches into the patches of the worn fabric. Her mother was out looking for food to bring home for the five of them.

Since the death of her father in the Ugandan war, Kevin feared her future would be bleak. She no longer attended school because her family couldn’t afford the fees. And without an education, she wouldn’t be able to have a job or a life outside of poverty.

As she mended her siblings’ clothing, Kevin dreamed of making beautiful garments — not just for them — but for all her family and friends. She had always dreamed of becoming a clothing designer. But without proper training, she would never have the skills to open her own business.

But, because of a generous donor, she had the opportunity to attend the Good Samaritan Vocational School. The vocational training she received changed Kevin’s life forever!

When Kevin learned about the opportunity, she began taking lessons in tailoring right away. Finally, her dreams of becoming a fashion designer were coming true!

Thrilled to finally be learning a trade, she worked hard in her classes and practiced her skills until she had mastered every technique. This past September, Kevin graduated from Good Samaritan and received her very own sewing machine.

Not only did the gift of vocational training and a sewing machine change Kevin’s life, but her entire family and her whole community will benefit! Now she is able to be self-sufficient and help her mother provide for their family. She even said she’s committed to paying for her siblings’ school fees so they also can get an education.

Through a donor’s gift, Kevin’s life will go on to impact others. She wants to start her own fashion design workshop. And if it is successful, she may be able to hire other girls in her community and teach them to hone their craft. All of this wouldn’t be possible without someone giving the gift of school scholarships for vocational training.

By giving to help someone receive specialized vocational training, his or her future will shift in immeasurable ways — and radically impact numerous lives. Empowering people to learn a skill such as sewing or welding builds confidence, helps them fight poverty, and allows them to invest in their communities.

This Christmas season, you can help someone in need like Kevin when you give a gift through the World Help Gifts catalog .

You can change a person’s life forever!


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