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What do you do when your child is starving?

April Stumme
Aug 10, 2018

What if you woke up this morning and had nothing to feed your child? You have no money … no job … no car … no one you can ask for help. You are totally out of options.

This is a daily reality for parents living in famine-stricken countries. Their children cry and beg for food. The kids are too weak to attend school. They are more susceptible to illness and diseases — even diarrhea can be deadly. Their gums swell and bleed, and their teeth start to rot. Their organs begin shutting down as their small bodies waste away. Eventually, they become too weak to cry anymore.

Watching your child die is every parent’s worst nightmare.

While most people in the U.S. take food for granted, there are children across the world today who are starving to death.

And while fathers feel guilty for not being able to provide for their families, it’s moms who experience the pain on a primal level. Recent studies have found that a mother’s brain changes when she has a baby. She becomes “tuned in” to her child’s cry, and a deep, intense bond is formed.

The inability to help her child is often more than a mother can bear. She may disconnect to deal with the overwhelming pain and guilt. Or agonize over which one of her children will receive a scrap of food that day.

But there is a solution to this problem. And you can help.

For just $40, you can feed a starving child for an entire year. Your gift allows one child to thrive and grow instead of facing another day without food. And you don’t just bless the child! When you provide food for a child, you lift an incredible burden from the parents, too.

You can stand in the gap for parents struggling to keep a child alive. When you give $40, you give that child life … hope … and a chance at a better future. And you give the parents the best gift ever — assurance that their child will be healthy for another year.

Give today, and be the answer to a mother’s prayers for her child.


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