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Hunger Crisis2 min read


What’s on the menu for lunch?

Kelsey Campbell
Aug 06, 2018

Sundays are my meal prep days. I cook my lunches for the workweek, put them in Tupperware containers, and stick them in the fridge so I can grab them in the mornings before I head out the door.

It’s easy, and it means I don’t have to think about what I’m going to eat that week.

But for children living through a food crisis, “What am I going to eat?” is a question they constantly ask themselves.

In Syria, civil war has made the cost of food skyrocket so that parents struggle to buy even a loaf of bread. Famine and drought plague families across sub-Saharan Africa. And in war-torn South Sudan, numerous children — many of them orphans — have been driven from their homes into refugee camps where rations quickly run out.

The global hunger crisis threatens countless children. Many live without knowing what a full stomach feels like.

While I’m blessed enough to pull my lunch out of the fridge and eat it whenever I’m hungry, 815 million people don’t have that luxury.

The good news is child hunger is preventable. 

Just as easily as you can grab lunch today, you can provide meals for a child in need!

For $40 — less than you probably spend on groceries or takeout for the week— you can provide healthy meals for one child for an entire year. That’s less than 11 cents per day!

Think of it as meal prepping for just one more person.

Because of your generosity, one child won’t have to wonder where his next meal is coming from or whether he’ll go another day suffering from hunger pains.

Your gift of $40 will provide healthy meals that will ensure a child has a full stomach and a chance at a better life. Children who are properly nourished focus better in school and they’re physically able to run and play with friends.

You aren’t just providing meals for a year — you’re providing an entire year of wellness for a child struggling to survive.

So today, please give and ensure one boy or girl has food for a year. You can be the difference between life and death for a child in need.


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