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What’s your most precious belonging?

Kelsey Campbell
Jun 18, 2018

If my apartment were on fire and I could save only one belonging, I wouldn’t grab my Bible.

I would grab the Martin OM-21 guitar my father recently handed down to me. It’s irreplaceable … not because it’s one-of-a-kind. They made hundreds if not thousands of that model. But because it’s a precious gift my dad wanted me to have.

Now, I don’t want you to think I’m flippant about my Bible.

The Word of God is important to me! Its comfort is matchless. It’s given me hope when I was battling depression. And it guides me when I am trying to decipher God’s plan for me.

But if I were to lose my Bible in a fire, I’m blessed enough to be able to get another one quickly! A friend could loan me hers. I could go to the nearest bookstore and pick up a new copy in whatever translation I wanted. Or I could read my favorite passage on the Bible app on my phone.

I have access to the Bible whenever I want. And, honestly, that has spoiled me.

But there are people right now who are desperate for a Bible because they don’t have access to one.

In Bible deserts such as North Korea, India, or Syria, copies of the Word of God are rare. Sometimes, they are even illegal.

For a Christian in one of these countries, owning a copy of Scripture would mean everything. Not only would he grab his Bible if his home were on fire, he would risk his life for it!

These believers know the true worth of a Bible. Whenever Christians in Bible deserts receive God’s Word for the first time, they often kiss the cover, relishing their most precious belonging.

They feel the weight of its importance and sense an incomprehensible peace. They’ve just received a priceless gift handed down from their Heavenly Father.

And you can be a part of this beautiful exchange. You can be the difference between someone holding a Bible and someone longing for one.

You can help provide Bibles for All with a monthly gift of $25. Your ongoing support will ensure that every month five people living in Bible deserts receive a copy of Scripture.

And since Bibles are so rare in these areas of the world, Christians are eager and willing to share their own personal copies. It’s estimated that one Bible will be shared with at least five people.

That means for $25 you can share the Gospel with at least 25 people! Every dollar equals one life changed.

You will be spreading the joy and hope of God’s greatest gift to us: His Word. And every month you’ll receive an email with an inspiring story of someone who received their very first Bible.

My dad’s Martin OM-21 is precious to me because I know its worth and that it cannot be replaced. And my dad loves me so much he gave it to me without a thought.

In the same way, God has given us His Word to cherish and hold close to our hearts. With your help, people living in Bible deserts can own a copy of the Book they value above all else.

Subscribe to Bibles for All today and each month give five people their greatest possession: God’s Word.

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