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When you ship, you help save lives

Kelsey Campbell
Sep 09, 2020

Hector was dying.

But it wasn’t just the leukemia that was killing this little boy. It was hunger.

Hector lives in Venezuela, a volatile country that was struggling to cope long before the coronavirus arrived. With civil unrest, a collapsing economy, and starving families, a pandemic was the last thing they needed.

Today you can help ship $990 worth of vital supplies like food, hygiene kits, medical equipment, and more for only $30 to places like Venezuela and other countries around the world.

Food prices have skyrocketed in Venezuela since a devastating hunger crisis there made headlines in 2018. Most children might eat once a day … twice if they’re lucky. And since most parents are only bringing in $3 to $5 per month for an income, there’s no way they can adequately feed their families.

Many people, including Hector’s family, search for whatever food they can forage or find in the garbage.

Not only was Hector going hungry on a regular basis, but he wasn’t getting the protein or nutrients he needed to endure chemotherapy for his leukemia. Without food, Hector wouldn’t survive. He would either starve, or he wouldn’t be strong enough to fight the cancer.

Thankfully, a shipment of healthy, nutrient-enriched food sent by generous donors arrived just in time to help save Hector’s life.

With a nutritious diet, Hector grew stronger. The chemotherapy was more effective. And now Hector is cancer-free!

But Hector isn’t the only sick child in Venezuela. Many kids there are facing malnutrition because of a lack of food. And the financial challenges and increasing food crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic are making the situation even worse.

Starvation will affect these kids their entire lives. It will stunt their growth, slow their mental development, and cause other severe and life-threatening issues.

And if families can’t afford food, they also can’t afford basic essentials like clothing, hygiene kits, or medicine — all of which you can help provide when you ship lifesaving aid.

Every dollar you donate will multiply to ship $33 worth of lifesaving supplies that have been donated or provided by grants and are now waiting to be shipped in our distribution center.

So your $30 will multiply to ship $990 worth of critical aid to countries like Venezuela.

Not only will you ship aid, but you will also share love of Christ and incredible spiritual hope.

Hector was able to receive healthy food because of generous donors. And, while he was at the feeding center, he also heard the Gospel.

None of this would have been possible if someone hadn’t first shipped vital supplies.

Today, you can help save the lives of people like Hector, too.

Right now, during the coronavirus pandemic, Venezuela isn’t the only country that’s suffering. Our entire world is hurting. But your $30 can help ship medical equipment to hospitals that are at full capacity. Your $30 can help ship hygiene kits that will keep families safe and healthy from the virus. And your $30 can help feed a family who has used their last bag of rice. 

So, please give today and multiply your gift 33X.

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