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Why August is a dangerous month for many kids

Kelsey Campbell
Aug 14, 2018

If you’re like I am, you’re tired of the unbearable humidity and mugginess, and you’re ready for fall to arrive.

Being out in the sweltering heat can sap your energy … and it’s even worse if you haven’t had anything to eat all day. 

The dry air and scorching temperatures are strong contributors to famine in developing countries. The heat creates and intensifies the problem. In the Middle East and many other areas facing an extreme food crisis, August is the hottest month of the summer. And for children, it’s one of the most dangerous times of the year. 

But you can help ease the pain of a child suffering from hunger. All it takes is $40 to feed one starving child for an entire year!

Wasting away in quiet agony, children can barely function when they’re hungry. Their limbs are weak, their hair thins or falls out, and their skin gets dry and ashy. Starvation slowly kills its weakest victims.

Eventually, here in America, we’ll have relief from the summer heat. But for those facing famine, there’s no end to their pain. The food crisis is a year-round issue affecting numerous children every day.

This week in Damascus, Syria, the high will be 95 degrees. Without immediate help, children living in the Middle East may not survive the summer.

By September, Americans’ thoughts are turning to cooler nights, raking leaves, fall festivals, and pumpkin-flavored everything. But, famine victims’ thoughts will remain on survival.

When a child is starving, he is too tired to run or play. And blistering temperatures only increase his exhaustion … it’s agony.

But you can give one child the energy he needs by feeding him for an entire year — for just $40 (less than you probably spend on groceries each week).

You can be the answer to a starving child’s prayer for food. Your gift will help save a life.


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