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Will you join this undercover mission?

Emily Towns
Feb 13, 2019

Becoming a Christian in Iran is one of the most dangerous decisions a person can make.

• In June 2017, an Iranian court sentenced a Christian pastor and three members of his church to nearly 15 years in prison because of their faith. The accusations against them? House church activities and evangelism.

A young couple and their 7-year-old daughter were snatched from their home in Mashhad, Iran, this past December. Their crime? They are professing Christians.

• Ebrahim Firouzi has been imprisoned since 2013 on charges including “actions against national security,” which means he was sharing the Gospel. He is being held at the Rajai Shahr Prison, considered one of the harshest in the country. When Ebrahim’s mother passed away from cancer on Dec. 4, 2018, officials refused to let him attend her funeral.

According to our partners, there are fewer than 20 recognized “above ground” churches in Iran, and services in Iran’s native Farsi language are strictly prohibited. But that doesn’t mean Christianity isn’t growing in Iran. Not even close.

Despite the risks, Christ-followers are meeting in secret, and the underground church in Iran has continued to flourish. But the one thing they don’t have is Bibles. Now, Iranian Christians are asking for your help.

An urgent need

Experts estimate there were only 500 Christians in Iran 40 years ago when the Iranian Revolution took place. Since then, however, the church has grown exponentially. Our partners estimate that today there are more than 800,000 underground believers!

And while the number of believers has risen quickly, the number of Bibles has not. Many Christians and seekers have never held a copy of God’s Word. When they face persecution, they have nothing but their faith to cling to.

They are begging for Bibles to help them stand strong and share Jesus with those around them.

A covert process

Iran is considered by many to be the “gateway” to the Middle East. Most citizens hold fast to Islamic laws and practices, and any who undermine the faith face extreme persecution. Believers, at the very least, face intense abuse from their family, friends, and neighbors. Some Christians even find it difficult to find jobs.

But, they are willing to risk everything, including their lives — and all they are asking for is God’s Word.

Our partners have developed ways to secretly distribute Bibles translated into the Farsi language. Though details of the process can’t be shared because it would risk their safety, one thing is clear — we cannot keep up with the demand for Bibles without your help!

For just $10, you will help send a Bible to a persecuted believer in Iran — a source of spiritual encouragement when he or she faces abuse, imprisonment, or worse. And your gift has the potential to touch many lives. Since Bibles are such a rare commodity, believers eagerly share Scriptures with other Christians and seekers.

All it takes is $10 — the price of just two specialty coffees — to impact dozens of lives with the hope of Jesus.

Your gift will play an incredible role in helping the Iranian underground church continue to grow.

Give today and help secretly distribute the message of Jesus to persecuted Christians in Iran.


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