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Wish your sponsored child a Happy Valentine’s Day

April Stumme
Feb 06, 2018

When I was growing up, I always looked forward to Valentine’s Day.

I didn’t have a boyfriend, and I wasn’t expecting anything romantic. I was anticipating a gift from my father.

Valentine’s Day is often all about couples. But every year my father used it as an opportunity to show my sister and me how much he loved us. His simple gift of a few chocolates or a note always meant the world to me. Even now as an adult, I still remember the way his gifts made me feel.

Reminding people in your life that you love them is important no matter what day it is. But Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to make your reminder extra special. It’s a perfect time to reach out to your sponsored child!

This Valentine’s Day we want to help you give your sponsored child something he or she will never forget: a valentine from you.

As a child sponsor, you are an important figure in the life of your child. A reminder of your love is vital because you don’t get the chance to say “I love you” to your sponsored child often. It’s easy to feel like a detached benefactor, but that’s not what your sponsored child needs from you.

When you can connect with your sponsored child, you turn your interaction into something close and beautiful. A relationship like that blesses both you and your sponsored child!

Your life is busy, so we want to give you a simple way to reach out to your sponsored child. The card below is downloadable and free! You can download it, personalize it, and either print and mail it or email it to your sponsored child!

To email your Valentine’s card, simply fill out this form and attach the card as a picture. If you’d rather mail your card, follow these easy steps.

This simple gesture from you is a beautiful reminder of how much you care. Sponsored children often keep letters and cards from their sponsors near their beds or with their most valued belongings. Your card won’t go unnoticed.

Thank you for being a sponsor and changing the life of a vulnerable child forever. Your love is helping a child pursue a brighter future, and giving him or her the confidence to pursue big goals and dreams.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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