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World Help Supporters Provide Aid to Ramadi Refugees

Blog Team
Jun 11, 2015

Only a few weeks ago, we received the first harrowing reports of ISIS’s brutal capture of the Iraqi city of Ramadi.

Thousands of terrified refugees fled for their lives with nothing but the clothes on their backs . . . another strategic city claimed by the brutal militants.

Iraqi refugee boy - World Help

Our teams on the ground urged us to send more aid, knowing that our supplies wouldn’t be sufficient for long—not with the growing number of lives on the line.

So we asked for your help . . . and you responded.

Because of your generous support, we were able to provide food, water, hygiene kits, and other supplies to 800 Ramadi refugees within a matter of hours.

Iraq's refugee crisis - World Help

“The first round of displaced [people] from Ramadi were privileged to get in [the camp] before the ultimate fall of Ramadi,” World Help partner, Jeremy Courtney reported. “The fact that we are able to help them is due to World Help’s rapid response.”

The need for aid will be continuous for this new segment of refugees in the weeks and months ahead. Forty-three new families have arrived from Ramadi over the past few days alone.

Iraqi refugee women - World Help

Thousands more—mostly women and children—are trapped outside of Baghdad without any access to aid. We are currently working with local leaders in the area to access and serve these people, who are growing increasingly desperate by the day.

Today, we’re asking for your help again to continue our response to Ramadi’s refugees.

For as little as $35, you can provide a refugee with food, relief supplies, medical attention, educational support, and rehabilitation through our teams already in place in the areas of greatest need.

Iraqi refugee girl - World Help

What ISIS aims to destroy, we are working to preserve through the love of God shown to our neighbors in need.

Please join us today in standing with our brothers and sisters suffering in the Middle East. Every gift counts!



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