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Would you buy this black-market Book?

Kelsey Campbell
Nov 19, 2018

In North Korea, owning a Bible can be a death sentence.

But across this dark nation, Christians are willing to take that risk just to hold a copy of God’s Word in their hands.

Some persecuted believers have become creative with how and where they hide their secret Bibles. Unfortunately, this also means their Bibles can accidentally be damaged or lost due to these extreme measures.

But the obstacles they face have not kept North Korean believers from wanting their own copy of Scripture. Even seekers are eager to find out why this Book is so important to so many people. 

“In North Korea, there are still many people who need the Bible,” one of our partners explained. “I’ve seen the Bible sold on the black market. … Although it is very dangerous to have a Bible in North Korea, even unbelievers want to have a Bible [out of curiosity]. I also have heard that there are some people who convert after reading the Bible purchased curiously in the market and then attend the underground church.”

But before these seekers can convert, they first need to encounter God’s Word. And that means having access to a Bible.

Finding a Bible on the black market in North Korea is rare. But people are so intrigued about why others would lose their lives for this Book, many are eager to risk reading one for themselves — if they can get one.

The Holy Spirit is moving in North Korea, and as a result, many people are coming to Christ after reading the Scriptures — even without official instruction or guidance.

That’s why we, as their brothers and sisters, need to act now and send as many Bibles to North Korea as possible. Our greatest goal as Christians should be winning people to Christ. And one of the best ways to do that is by sending the Gospel to people who are hungry for the Truth.

North Korean believers are praying for the day they will receive a Bible. They have faith God will provide.

Perhaps, it’s you they’re waiting on. Maybe you’re the one God will use to take His Word into North Korea.

Right now, seekers are wondering about Jesus Christ, and persecuted Christians are longing to know Him better. You can be an answer to their prayers by providing a Bible today for just $10.

“I believe that God will open the doors of North Korea very soon because of your efforts and sacrifice,” our partner said.

You can help open the door of salvation for a persecuted Christian. All it takes is sending a Bible. And the time to act is now.


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