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You can be the helping hand one impoverished child needs

Emily Towns
May 10, 2018

Jules stood in the doorway of her tiny, wooden hut. She woke up early to make the difficult trek up the mountain to the next village. But first she took one more look at her sleeping children before she headed out. Her heart skipped a beat as she noticed how thin they were.

Jules’ husband died several years ago, and now she was the sole provider. Twice a week she would make the trip over Haiti’s rough terrain to sell her crop of beans and corn in a larger market. The trip was long and she was often tired. But she would do anything to provide for her kids.

She returned home late that evening and counted her earnings for her 12-hour workday — $2. It wasn’t enough to feed her children for long, and 11-year-old Jean was already showing signs of malnutrition.

His emaciated arms and legs were covered in sores, and he was dehydrated. While he should have been out playing and having fun with his friends, Jean was usually in too much pain to move.

He weighed only half of what a normal boy his age should weigh. He was lethargic and found it hard to concentrate. Jean and his siblings attended school while their mother worked, but hunger and pain made it difficult to learn and retain knowledge.

Jules and her family are devoted Christians; every week Jules would go to church and pray for help to keep her son alive.

 And finally her prayers were answered.

Thanks to a generous donor, Jean received the nutrition and care he needed. Today he is growing healthy and strong. His cheeks, once hollow, have filled out, and you cannot miss his bright smile. His skin has cleared up, and Jean is happy he can now play with his friends and focus in school.

Jules is happy, too; her son is thriving. But right now, another child is waiting … hungry, thirsty, and scared … wondering if he will live to see another birthday.

Mother’s Day is coming up this weekend, but many mothers in countries such as Haiti, Guatemala, and Uganda, don’t feel like celebrating. They just want food and medical attention for their precious children. Like Jules, they work hard to provide for their families, but they need a helping hand.

For $50, you can help another child like Jean … and a mother like Jules. Your gift will help rescue a child suffering from extreme malnutrition by providing a medical evaluation and initial nutritional needs.

Give today and help an impoverished mother care for her child. What’s a better Mother’s Day gift than that?

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