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You can transform someone's life for under $50

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Dec 11, 2018

Want to give meaningful gifts without breaking the bank?

You can give someone clean water, income-generating chickens, or lifesaving supplies — all for under $50! Your gift will help improve people’s health, give them a leg up as they work to escape poverty, and remind them that they aren’t alone this Christmas.

Check out some of our most popular — and most cost-effective — gifts below:

Clean water for a year

For just $15, you can provide one person with clean water for an entire year!

Clean water is one of the most life-changing resources a person can receive. It keeps people safe from waterborne diseases. It allows children to attend school instead of spending all day fetching water. It keeps women from having to make dangerous journeys to the nearest river or stream to wash clothes. And it helps whole communities keep their crops watered so they can have more food to eat.

For someone in need, clean water means a longer, happier life. And because water projects are often located near churches, they can help introduce people to the Living Water and eternal life.

You won’t find a more transformative gift for just $15 this Christmas.


Give income-generating chickens

Chickens are another one of our most popular gifts, and it’s easy to understand why. One chicken can produce up to 200 eggs each year! And you can help provide these versatile birds for as little as $22.

Chicken eggs provide a powerful source of protein and nutrition for a family facing hunger. And any extra eggs can be sold at market, along with chicks, as a source of additional income. Plus, chickens’ nitrogen-rich fertilizer can help families grow more food and have more to eat.

These animals may be small, but they are a gift that keeps on giving — it’s a thoughtful and practical way to show a struggling family you care.


Send lifesaving supplies

Lifesaving supplies are the most cost-effective gift of all. Every dollar you give ships $33 worth of emergency food, medical aid, and more — so your impact multiplies.

Your gift of $30 will provide $990 worth of lifesaving supplies to people in need!

After a natural disaster or during times of crisis, people lack crucial necessities like food, water, medical supplies, hygiene kits, and more. You can help provide these essentials to people who have nothing.

Give lifesaving supplies and imagine how many people’s lives you will improve this Christmas!


Want to give something else?

Still not seeing a gift that you’re passionate about?

Shop the full World Help Christmas Giving catalog online and discover dozens of other ways you can transform someone’s life.

You’ll find options ranging from Bibles (just $5!) to winter coats for kids to critical relief for refugees facing Christmas far from home.

You can also help teach your kids or grandkids about the joys of giving by gifting them with a World Help gift card. When you purchase a gift card for someone you love, you allow him to play a direct part in impacting people’s lives. You choose the amount to give, and the gift card recipient can redeem the value toward the cause of his choice (excludes merchandise).

However you choose to give this Christmas, you are sure to help someone in need around the globe. You may even help save a life!


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