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You helped introduce 21 people in Burundi to Jesus!

Sam Campbell
Jun 10, 2020

“God has heard our cry and answered our prayers.”

That’s the consensus shared among the people living in one village in the African country of Burundi. Many are jobless. In fact, many are too old to work. Those who do have jobs earn very little, so they can’t afford to feed their families. And the coronavirus pandemic has pushed this community into even deeper poverty.

But you came to their rescue. Your gifts of coronavirus relief helped provide emergency food for 60 families in Burundi!

Euphrasie is just one of the many people you helped. She lost her husband 20 years ago, so she has no one to help her financially. It’s just her and the 8-year-old girl she adopted. And at 70 years old, Euphrasie’s age prevents her from working. She can’t earn any sort of income.

Planting a garden isn’t an option either. Euphrasie doesn’t own any land, so she can’t grow her own food. She can’t work. She can’t plant. And she can’t buy.

Thankfully, your gifts helped provide nutritious food just in the nick of time. Our Burundi partners recently handed out bags full of rice, beans, and other staples … thanks to your generous giving during this time of crisis.

Euphrasie was so grateful to receive this food. “The tears of joy came,” our Burundi partner said. “She danced and praised God for the amazing gift.”

But that’s not all!

As they distributed food, our partners also had the chance to share the Gospel with Euphrasie and the other families. They took a Bible and read from Matthew 5. And it ended up being the perfect passage to share in that moment.

Matthew 5:6 says, “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.” (NIV)

Those words struck a chord with Euphrasie. Not only was she physically hungry, but she now had a desire for the Word of God.

“That day she was touched by the Word and decided to receive Jesus as her Lord and Savior,” our partner said.

Although she had gone to church in the past, she had never decided to give her life to Jesus. Now, she is back in the church … and her life changed forever.

Your decision to give opened the door for Euphrasie to hear about God’s incredible gift of salvation. Thank you for allowing the Lord to work through you.

And Euphrasie wasn’t the only person eternally impacted that day. Twenty other people gave their lives to Christ that day too after receiving the aid you helped send and hearing the message of the Gospel!

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, your generosity has helped rescue people all around the world … in Burundi and beyond.

Here are just a few of the other ways you have helped save lives:

• You helped deliver boxed lunches to out-of-work families living in the slums of Thailand who can’t afford daily meals.

Scared Ugandan children received items like soap and masks to help keep them free of infection.

• You played a part in rescuing a newborn baby born in the Dominican Republic just as the coronavirus was hitting his country.

• Your gifts even helped distributed hygiene kits to the homeless in New York City.

Because of you, people have received lifesaving aid during this worldwide crisis. Children are going to bed with full bellies. Parents are able to prepare meals and provide for their families. And the elderly are staying strong and healthy.

Most importantly, people like Euphrasie have experienced the love of Christ.

You have shined a bright light in the midst of these dark times.

Still, there are others who are starving. More families who are struggling to survive the coronavirus pandemic. If you would like to help rescue another person today, click here or the button below.

Your gift will DOUBLE thanks to a matching gift to provide 2X as much aid like emergency food, clean water, medical care, and more. You will also help erase the budget shortfall caused by the coronavirus and canceled fundraising events. You’ll also help bring spiritual hope during this time of pandemic.

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