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Your impact in 2020: Transforming communities

Blog Team
Jan 02, 2021

There’s no place like home.

Unfortunately, many families around the world don’t have access to a sturdy home or basic necessities like clean water. Their hometowns have no churches buildings and the nearest medical clinics and schools are miles and miles away.

But you helped change that for thousands of people last year!

Although 2020 was challenging, your generosity gave incredible hope to the people in developing countries. From supplying villages with clean water to helping build homes for families in need, your gifts were a lifeline.

Here’s a breakdown of how you impacted communities around the world last year:

New homes for families

“Most people here don’t see hope for their future.”

That’s the heartbreaking truth our Burundi partner shared with the World Help staff during an online Zoom meeting.

Burundi is one of the poorest nations in the world, so people there constantly struggle to make ends meet. Some families in rural areas have little to no shelter.

However, during 2020, the World Help family built 8 new homes in Burundi!

A newly built home in Burundi

Not only do these homes provide families with protection and a dry place to live, but the kindness shown to these people has also inspired them to start attending church.

“We don’t preach to them [at first],” our Burundi partner said. “But showing them this action brings them to Christ. Now they are believers.”

What an impact!

Clean water for entire villages

You also helped provide clean water wells for entire villages in places like Guatemala.

In January 2020, the tiny village of Colonia Las Brisas Estanzuela, Guatemala, finally got to turn on their faucets and celebrate their new well’s completion.

Parents stood in awe nearby, their eyes wide and filled with tears as water began pouring from the taps. Children gathered, splashing their hands in the crystal-clear water.

Kids splash in a water basin

​“I don’t think they knew how to react,” said 16-year-old Emma Dawson who helped raised funds for the well. “The women were crying and were very grateful and happy. They told me ‘thank you’ I don’t know how many times.”

And families in 48 other communities around the world are also enjoying clean water this year because the World Help family chose to give.

Mothers no longer have to spend hours walking to the nearest water source. Children who were once sick are no longer dying from waterborne diseases. And farmers have a reliable source of water so their crops can flourish like never before.

Because of you, people in developing communities are living happier, healthier lives. And they have hope for much brighter futures.

Thank you for all you have done in 2020. Your generosity has provided incredible help and hope for people in need around the world.

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