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Your sponsorship questions have been answered!

April Stumme
Jul 05, 2018

Have you ever felt like you didn’t have all the answers to be a good parent, friend, or babysitter to a child?

I’m not a mom, but I have still felt this way many times. Children are confusing! And sponsored children can be confusing, too. But we want to help fix that.

You’re doing such an amazing thing by sponsoring a child, and we are so grateful for you. Here are the answers to a few of the most common questions sponsors ask:

What gifts can I send my sponsored child?

He or she loves to receive gifts and letters from you! But there are a couple things to note to make sure your gift arrives.

Any gift must fit in a 6×9-inch envelope, and you can send up to one package a month. Try sending items that are small and flat such as notepads, hair ribbons, stickers, or handmade gifts. Don’t send money, jewelry, electronics, or anything that looks expensive — and don’t mail anything that could melt or break.

Why doesn’t my sponsored child write to me?

Sometimes kids don’t write back very often, even when you’re sending them letters. This can happen for a multitude of reasons. If the children in the program don’t speak English, staff may have to translate each individual letter, which can take time.

Cultural differences also may be a culprit. Your child might not be used to writing letters, may not feel confident with a pencil and paper, or simply may not know what to say. However, you can expect at least two letters a year, and you can know that the letters you write back are likely hung up on a wall or tucked away in a cherished place.

Why did my sponsored child leave the program?

There are many reasons children leave their sponsorship program. It may be because they graduated or because their families’ economic conditions have improved. If so, you can be sure they are on their way to a happy, successful life because of your support.

Some kids may leave due to their family relocating to a community where World Help sponsorship is unavailable. If that happens, please continue to pray for your child! We know that God has a good plan for his or her future.

When will my sponsored child graduate from the sponsorship program?

Children graduate from their sponsorship program when they complete their education. In some countries, young adults may not graduate until they are over the age of 19 or 20. This is often because they started their education late due to poverty or lack of access to school. We want all children to receive a complete education, regardless of when they started.

Some students also stay in the program through university or vocational school if the in-country partners can facilitate it. As soon as they’ve finished their schooling, they’ll be off into the world with everything they need to thrive.

Can I visit my sponsored child?

If you’ve been sponsoring for a while, you’d probably like to meet your child in person. There are several ways you can do this. The easiest way is to go on one of World Help’s trips.

If there are no trips to your child’s program, you may still be able to plan your own if circumstances allow. Contact us with your trip dates and available times to visit, and we will try to arrange a meeting. You may be asked to pay a small processing fee for a mandatory background check before visiting your child’s sponsorship program.

Thank you so much for sponsoring and improving a child’s life for eternity. We can’t tell you how much we appreciate you and your compassion for others!

If you have other questions, feel free to get in touch with us. We’d love to answer them for you. And if you aren’t a sponsor yet, you can join the sponsorship family today by clicking below.

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