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2 Reasons North Korean Christians need your help

Kelsey Campbell
Jun 07, 2021

There’s a reason Jesus called Himself the Bread of Life and the Living Water.

He knows we need both our physical and spiritual needs met in order to grow and thrive.

But right now in North Korea, underground Christians are starving — both physically and spiritually. They are begging for food during one of the worst famines North Korea has ever seen. And most starving, persecuted believers don’t have Bibles either to bring them comfort and remind that God will take care of them.

You can help meet both of these critical needs. Your $20 gift will provide one week’s worth of food plus a Bible for brother or sister in North Korea.

Here are two reasons your gift is so important:

North Korean Christians are starving

Due to recent droughts and three back-to-back typhoons, North Korea hasn’t been able to grow decent crops in the last few years. This has resulted in a deadly famine — the worst the country has seen in 10 years.

But the famine was only the beginning.

Since the coronavirus pandemic, the situation in North Korea has only grown more dire.

Severe lockdowns have caused the already secluded country to close down even further. With the borders shut, 80 percent of North Korea’s trade with China — their main trading partner — has been cut off. Now, there is little-to-no food or other resources coming into the country.

It’s one of the worst food crises since the 1990s March of Suffering — which claimed millions of North Korean lives.

Many families have been forced survive on watered-down porridge. But it’s not enough to keep them healthy and nourished. They are slowly starving to death.

Even the country’s supreme leader, Kim Jung-un, has admitted defeat. He himself compared the current situation to the 1990s, telling North Koreans to prepare themselves for another “arduous march.”

These people will continue to starve if something isn’t done.

That’s why World Help’s partners, who have been secretly delivering Bibles to North Korea for over 20 years, are now delivering food too. But they can’t do it without help.

Your $20 will provide a week’s worth of food to one person, helping him survive this terrible food crisis.

Beyond that, you will also help meet his spiritual needs …

North Korean Christians need Bibles

During this particularly dark time in North Korea’s history, Christians are more desperate than ever for the comfort of God’s Word … even though owning a Bible means taking a huge risk.

To the North Korean government, following Jesus means being an enemy of the state. Since leaders like Kim Jung-un are considered to be as powerful as deities, any other religion is a threat. They don’t want the hope of the Gospel spreading across the country and people pledging allegiance to the one true God instead.

North Korea has been ranked year after year as the most dangerous country for Christians.

Someone who is discovered owning a Bible or telling someone about Jesus can immediately be sentenced to a political prison or labor camp without a trial — often with a sentence up to 15 years.

Few people survive their full sentence, though.

Prisoners are beaten within an inch of their lives. The torture is so extreme that, according to our partner, the life expectancy of a prisoner in the Christian section of a political prison is only three years.

Despite the abuse, these Christians rarely recant. And most don’t even pray for the persecution to stop. They simply pray for the strength to endure the suffering and be an example to those around them.

Because of their strong faith, the underground church in North Korea is growing. The number of secret believers has surpassed 300,000.

While this is good news, the bad news is that there aren’t enough Bibles in the country for most of these people. Since Bibles are illegal, finding the Scriptures is next to impossible — even on the black market.

Many underground church members have been waiting for years for their first copy. And YOU can be the one to help give it to them.

Your $20 gift will help print, ship, and distribute one Bible — plus a week’s worth of food — to someone who is eagerly waiting for God’s Word.

And since North Korean Christians often share their Bibles with trusted family and friends, the Bible you send will likely impact at least five people.

Today you can make an incredible difference in the life of a North Korean believer. You’ll provide nutritious food to renew his strength … and the comfort of the Scriptures to renew his soul.

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